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Finding an entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain without having much technical or financial knowledge can be challenging for many. Even though more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies, we are still far from seeing the blockchain economy and DeFi financial services becoming mainstream.

That's why many companies are creating projects in the hopes of making blockchain more accessible to beginners.

"Hi" is a new project launched in mid-2021 by a non-profit organization based in Singapore. Its goal is to make blockchain-based financial services easy, free of charge, and accessible for everyone internationally. The team behind Hi is building its own protocol (hiP) powered by the HI token and designed to unlock fast transactions worldwide at zero costs.

Hi gives you the possibility to easily send and receive money simply through your Telegram or WhatsApp account or by using their mobile app. If you're using your social accounts, you can send and receive money even to and from people who don't have a Hi account.

If you choose to use the app, more possibilities unlock, like being able to exchange cryptocurrencies directly from its interface. There isn't a ton of cryptocurrency options to choose from inside the app but the important ones are there, making it simple and easy to use for people new to DeFi and crypto.

Their documentation states that their blockchain solution prioritizes "scalability, security, speed, and future adaptability". The Hi Dollar is an ERC20 token that has recently also been integrated on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Their protocol works on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus (DPoS). The reason why the Hi protocol allows for free transactions lies in its consensus method.

Counting on word of mouth backed by a solid reward system

If you've never heard about Hi, it's because the organization doesn't do any heavy marketing. Instead, it leverages a reward system by allowing its users to earn passive income in the form of free daily Hi tokens and referral percentages. They believe rewarding users who talk about the app and offering them free tokens daily simply for being a member is the best way possible for the community to grow.

Unlike most other referral programs, Hi doesn't give you an option when you sign up: you have to give the nickname of the person who referred you (and if you're thinking of trying it out after reading this, my nickname is MynahMarie).

Here's how the reward system works. As a member, you get one free Hi Dollar token claimable each day by simply logging into the app. At the time of writing, the price of a Hi token is roughly around 0.8 USD. If you're willing to simply hold your tokens inside the app for a while, you can enable the auto-claim feature. This will automatically claim your token every day for you without you having to even log in.

Doing this means you agree to lock up your tokens in your account for a period of time. This not only gives you the daily token reward but also the possibility to profit from up to a 40% APR on staking.

From their white paper:

By staking hi Dollars, authorized members may access the distributed computing resources provided by nodes and execute smart contract functions on the network. Whilst the smart contract may charge fees or require a token stake from end users, they are not required to pay additional transaction fees to the network. In order for the network to be commercially viable, block producers will be compensated from a pool of hi Dollars that is derived from token inflation.

On top of the daily token reward, users earn 50% of all the rewards claimed by new users they refer. This means that if you refer 20 people, you'll get an additional 10 tokens on top of your own daily reward.

One of the great things about Hi is how much resources they provide for people new to their platform and to crypto and DeFi in general. Their documentation is easy to understand and filled with detailed explanations on how to use their services. Meanwhile, their whitepaper is technical and transparent, exactly how a serious and professional white paper should be (sounds obvious but in the world of crypto, some projects get away with pretty shady white papers).

How to sign up with Hi and start earning crypto passive income

  • Visit and click on the Get Started button to familiarize yourself with the platform and its services.
  • Sign up for an account. You can do this by downloading their mobile app (which gives you access to more functionality), or through your Telegram or WhatsApp account.
  • At some point during the signup process, you'll be asked to enter the nickname of the person who told you about Hi. Enter MynahMarie (my nickname). As previously mentioned, Hi doesn't let you sign up if you don't provide the nickname of the person who referred you. Referrals are how they grow their userbase, which is also great for you if you choose to talk about it to your friends and family in the future.
  • Complete their easy identity verification step and claim your first token.
  • Refer your friends to gain additional tokens.

Who is Hi for?

The project has a great philosophy and an ambitious direction, with even talks of eventually entering the Metaverse. The simplicity of the app combined with the limited amount of cryptocurrencies available makes it definitely suitable for beginners in crypto or for tech-averse people. With its ton of tutorials and community support, this is the kind of app experienced traders could recommend to their friends and siblings to introduce them to crypto.

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