Possible increase in winds in Mexico City (CDMX) over the weekend.

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In this article we share with you our weather forecast for the second week of December, 2021 so you can take the necessary precautions should you decide to visit Mexico City (CDMX) for your Holiday Vacation.

Bellas Artes building in Mexico City (CDMX).Photo by david carballar on Unsplash

In recent weeks there has been very cold dawns in Mexico City (CDMX), a situation that will continue in the hilly areas of the city for the remainder of the week. As for rainy conditions, everything indicates that there will not be a presence of rain at least until Sunday. This is not going to be the same with wind conditions, as it is estimated that these may increase during the weekend.

In approximately 15 days, the change of season will take place, that is, changing from autumn or fall to the winter season, therefore, it will be convenient to take advantage of the clear and sunny days of autumn/fall, before the coldest season of the year reaches the city. In this article we give you the weather forecast for the following days, so you can plan your activities in the city.


Downtown (Zocalo) in Mexico City (CDMX).Image by MIGUEL ANGEL CASTELAN from Pixabay

From Wednesday to Saturday, the city areas near to CMDX's Downtown would experience minimum temperatures of 46 to 50 ° F and maximum temperatures of 73 to 77 ° F, this situation could be modified by Sunday, due to a possible slight drop in temperature, with minimum temperatures that would be around 46 to 48 ° F and maximum temperatures of 68 to 72 ° F, however, by Monday hot weather may start increasing and prevailing in the afternoon.

We anticipate no rainy conditions, however, winds may occur in the city with the highest wind intensities happening during Saturday and Sunday and wind speeds ranging between 1 to 6 mph, with the dominant wind direction being from North and Northwest.

Wind conditions in Mexico City (CDMX), Dec 8th through Dec 16th, 2021.www.windfinder.com

Hilly areas

Ajusco Hill in Mexico City (CDMX).Ricraider, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the mountain regions of the city, like the Ajusco Hill (Cerro Del Ajusco) the minimum temperature values from Wednesday to Sunday would range between 39 to 43 ° F, whereas the maximum values would be around 64 to 68 ° F. A slight decrease in maximum temperature is expected Sunday with a minimum of 61 and a maximum 64 ° F. The conditions in these hilly regions of the city for the upcoming days do not foresee the presence of rain either, however, there would also be a slight increase in winds from the North and Northwest during the weekend, with wind speeds reaching 25 to 28 mph.

Please remember that weather forecasts may change as the days progress, therefore a good rule of thumb to stay up to date with current weather conditions is to check frequently the weather forecast of the place(s) you plan to visit so you can plan your trip/vacations accordingly.

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