Music Producer LF3 Reveals Debut Album The Flower Ceremony

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Hip-hop producer LF3 has unveiled his stunning debut album, The Flower Ceremony. Having made his start in music as an audio engineer, the rising Florida native has since developed a love for producing and has cultivated a signature approach to music that takes inspiration from hip-hop to jazz and gospel and is built around a simple chord structure, vocal sampling, intricate double kick patterns and a heavy low-end presence.

With The Flower Ceremony, LF3 proves his world-class talent as a producer and musician. Featuring 11 dynamic and versatile productions, including standout track “Glory”, the project marks the birth of a star with a bright future ahead. Speaking further on the release of the album, LF3 says, “The Flower Ceremony at its root is a symbol of mental strength for me. The Flower Ceremony that I learned about when creating the album involved a wedding couple placing their roses in a vase. After that, everyone in attendance will be given a rose to add to the arrangement as a sign of their support.

“For my Flower Ceremony, my vase was only big enough for my flowers, because in creating The Flower Ceremony, I learned I was the only support I needed and instead of me receiving roses, it was time for me to present them.”

Take a listen to The Flower Ceremony below, and let us know your favorite track:

The Flower Ceremony is available to buy and stream now on all platforms.

Connect with LF3 on social media: Instagram | Twitter.

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