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Alternative Pop Artist Scary Jeri Uncovers New Single “Excommunication”

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Scary Jeri

Alt-pop artist and producer Scary Jeri creates music that fuses alternative, pop and indie music and advocates for mental health, addiction, spirituality and social justice issues. Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, they’ve been going from strength to strength since bursting on the scene in 2019 with a series of releases, including popular tracks such as “Run (Out Of Love)” and “The Road”, and they’re set to keep their momentum going and reach new heights with the release of their new single, “Excommunication”.

Standing out with its infectious melodies, a thumping production and Scary Jeri’s velvety vocals, it showcases what a huge talent they are and why they are undoubtedly one to watch. The song also impresses lyrically, as they talk about moving on and embracing change, which many people will be able to relate to. Speaking further on the new release, Scary Jeri says, “‘Excommunication’ is about freeing yourself from your old habits, beliefs and the liberation that comes from embracing the new. For me, it was my breakup song with the church, coming to terms with leaving a faith I no longer held and accepting that it was just as bad for me as the substance abuse issues I had experienced in the past and that it may have even contributed to my pain.

“The track was created over the course of a few months. I started out producing the beat, layering everything together. I recorded the vocals all in one day and spent about a week mixing and another week mastering. The lyrics made me cry quite a few times listening back.”

“Excommunication” is out now on all platforms. STREAM HERE.

Connect with Scary Jeri: Instagram | Twitter.

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