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Worm Boogee Discusses Being A Champion On Latest Single

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Worm Boogee

Rapper Worm Boogee has released his latest single "Champion". Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina and originally from Brooklyn, New York, Worm has been making a name for himself for a few years now and looks set to continue his rise with this new single "Champion", which is one of his most impressive tracks released so far alongside previous releases such as "Wishlist" and "Andale", which were also great.

Worm is a special talent, who has been writing songs since the age of 10, and this talent is on full display on "Champion", with the track shining a light on what a gifted lyricist he is as well as his impressive flow and delivery. It ticks all the right boxes needed for a quality hip-hop song and deserves to be another success for Worm. The track hears Worm talk about not giving up and fighting to the end, which listeners will be able to take inspiration and motivation from. “But ain’t no letting up / I’m a fighter to the end / Big crown up on my head / I’m a champion”, Worm raps on the standout track.

Speaking further on "Champion", Worm Boogee said via email: “These lyrics pretty much sum up the whole song for me. It’s a reminder to stay strong and persevere through any storm and a reminder that I am a king. It was written during a time of turmoil. I don’t rap about anything that doesn’t relate to my own life.”

“Champion” is out now on all platforms. STREAM HERE.

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