Danny Aro Honors Juice WRLD On Latest Track "999!"

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Danny Aro

Hailing from Connecticut, Danny Aro has made an impressive entrance on the music scene. The rising artist emerged in 2020 and has already accumulated in excess of a million streams as an independent artist – thanks to well-received tracks such as "Diamonds". And he is on track to build further on his momentum with latest release "999!", which has already racked up 50,000 streams on Spotify alone.

“999!” is a tribute to one of Danny’s inspirations, the late rapper Juice WRLD. Expanding further, Danny says, “I made this song to celebrate Juice WRLD’s life. Juice WRLD always says in his songs that he was a ‘leader of the lost souls’, and I do feel like he wanted people to find the happiness they deserve in this world. Although the main chorus seems like a message to have fun living fast and dying young, it’s a play on that and actually saying that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and to avoid the easy temptations that can lead someone down the wrong path. The lyrics of the song try to show the trickery the world presents every single day through easy temptations and sensations, which Juice WRLD often spoke about in his music, but also that we can all break through those ceilings together.”

Thanks to Danny’s versatility and his love for multiple genres (hip-hop, indie and pop), the song has enormous appeal and sounds unique and interesting, with all the right ingredients to elevate his career to new heights. Infused with addictive melodies and lyrics about living life to the fullest, it's a track worth checking out.

“999!” is available now on all platforms – STREAM HERE.

Connect with Danny Aro: Spotify | Instagram.

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