10 Ways Internet Has Changed Our Lives

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The internet which began as an academic research project in 1969 is the world's most widely used computer network.

It all started with a simple idea; computers that could talk to one another. The implications of this notion altered the way we communicate across the world. The internet only became the global commercial network in the 1990s. Today the internet stands for something completely distinct. It has become much larger and influential in our lives than any other technology before, but how exactly has the internet changed the way we live our lives?

Let's take a look at 10 ways the internet has changed our lives:

1) Navigation:

Before the internet, you had to ask for directions or had to learn how to use a map to get to where you wanted to go. Now all you need is your phone and you can get directions to wherever you want to go. Most popularly Google Maps can give you directions of anywhere. You can also get the traffic density details so that you may take a better route.

2) Shopping:

Before the internet amazon was just a river. You had to go to the store or the mall where the options were limited to a few brands. If you didn't live in a big city today all we need is the internet and a credit card to buy whatever we want from all around the world. The most famous website, Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform where you can get anything you want or need. This saves you the time and money that you spend on going to the shop yourself. You also have a filter to get what exactly fits your budget - this saves you from the inconvenience that you may feel looking for the price tags in front of the other buyers. Isn't it amazing to buy online?

3) Dating:

Back in the days if you wanted to date someone, you had to ask them in person. If you were a little shy you would either send them a love letter or ask your friend to talk at his/her face. But now thanks to the internet, dating has become as easy as swiping left or right on numerous dating sites and apps which are even free to use. You can also make your friends randomly with the random chat feature, but be careful and make sure you're not chatting with the bot.

4)  Communication:

Way before the internet, people used pen and paper to write messages, seal them in an envelope with a stamp, and then wait for it to be delivered to the recipient. This would take days for your message to be delivered and then getting a reply. Today it doesn't matter where you are in the world. You can still speak to your family and friends - who might be on the other side of the globe through the magic of the internet. A famous social media tech giant, Facebook, is being used by billions of users daily community with one another.

5) News:

In the past, people used to read news from the newspapers. They had to wait days to hear news from around the world until it was printed in the local newspaper. And today, there are a lot of websites of news agencies which you can visit instantly and which are having categories of different regions.

6) Finding a job:

Earlier, people would look for jobs in classifieds and tabloids, or you had to get an interview through the reference of someone you knew. Of course, you still need the skills and degrees but you need a proper medium too. Various apps have been created that bridge the gap between the potential candidate and employer. Moreover, if you have skills but you are unable to get the job at a proper place then there are a bunch of freelancing websites - where you can find a lot of jobs paid per project, enhancing your earning potential.

7) Learning new skills:

Before the internet, the only way to learn a new skill such as cooking, playing a guitar painting, etc, was learning from an expert in person, but now all you need to do is get onto the internet and search for a tutorial video and an expert can teach you through a video from any corner of the world.

8)  Entertainment:

Before the internet, you had to wait for your favorite shows to come on tv and then wait another whole week for the next episode. Similarly, music was only available on the radio or music channels on the tv. Today with the rise of streaming services, we can watch and listen to whatever we want whenever we want.

9) Reading:

Pre-internet times, you had to go to the library or buy books and encyclopedias to read up on any new topics. Today we can google anything and we have the answers at our fingertips we can fit entire libraries in the palm of our hands. Let not alone be the books and magazines present on the internet, you can also have access to a sea of blog articles replete with heaps an chunks of data and information like you're reading this one.

10) Playing games:

Up until a couple of decades ago, it was almost impossible to get kids to come inside unless it was dark or their favorite tv show was on since they would be playing outside for the entire day. today parents are looking for screen-time reduction strategies to, somehow let their kids go outside and play without their gadgets. Internet has made it easy for gamers not to play with computer algorithm anymore - you can easily access many online games which allow you to play with other players in real.

The internet has given us numerous reasons to praise it be it education, entertainment, communication, or anything at all. But let's not forget the dependency and addiction it may bring. As long as the internet is only a part of our life and not the be-all and end-all of it, the internet can make our lives easier. Imagine a world without the internet. No online presence, no virtual businesses, and most influential no social media. We would have nothing to blog on, no community for our virtual business, and no swift means of communication. It would also cease the financial benefits of those solely relying on freelancing.

The use of the internet has permeated deep in the strata of today's world. Internet is much more than a researching tool where you can look for whatever you think about but it's influencing almost every walk of our life.

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This is original content from NewsBreak’s Creator Program. Join today to publish and share your own content.

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