I never thought that something like 🀩 😯 WATTS TOWERS would exist!!!

There are many forms of art πŸ–Ό &, not every time you require a canvas or paints 🎨 🎨 . You just need to have CREATIVITY, & you can make art out of trash, too.

LA has numerous art galleries πŸ–Ό & museums, but this one is different from all of them. The last time when I wanted to visit it, it was closed due to construction 🚧 πŸ— πŸ— 🦺 purposes. Since then, I was waiting for it to reopen.

Finally, it was open again πŸ˜ƒ. I never visited it before & I was more than ever excited 😊 about that.

I got there in the morning β˜€οΈ and no one was there, so it was more fun 🀩 to watch alone. The place looked so aesthetic. In the morning, the weather was also very nice. I took some photographs with my polaroid camera πŸ“· . These will look superb on the wall of my room.

Well, they weren’t that big, as they seemed in the pictures, but they are worth watching.

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