I had my first skydiving experience in Los Angeles and I miss every second of it!!

I was very excited because I was going skydiving for the first time. The location where I had to reach was Santa Monica, and it took me an hour to reach there. I was hungry, and on my way, I got some food. I got there, and the place was very awesome. When I got there, I had to wait for 45 minutes because there was only a single plane available, and they had another group for skydiving. They got me dressed up like a NASA astronaut, and I also had a parachute bag with me. I had the whole team of professional skydivers with me, so I wasn’t afraid at all, but deep down, I was damn nervous. First, I got onto the plane, and the plane ride was incredible. Then, it was time to jump. I had the professional with me, and we had to dive together but standing on the verge of the plane, I started thinking to change my mind, but it was too late, and I jumped off. I couldn’t feel my limbs as if I was numb, but it was pretty cool. As we reached the earth close, the person behind me opened the parachute, and we landed safely.

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