Full Moon in Scorpio: Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde what it brings to your Zodiac sign.


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This time, the lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio is particularly significant as it is the last one we will experience in this fixed water sign for at least eight years. Its alignment with the South Node of Karma amplifies its potency and makes it a time for intense emotional release and transformation.

Scorpio, governed by Mars and Pluto, is a force to be reckoned with.

It's mysterious and penetrating nature is both intriguing and intimidating. It urges us to delve deep into our unconscious and confront our shadows, allowing us to evolve on a soul level.

However, this process requires the death of the ego-identified self, which can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience. But, the essence of Scorpio is as transformative as it is destructive, so it's crucial to face what arises during this time.

ARIES: As the lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place, Aries may find themselves exploring the darker aspects of their close relationships.

With Mars ruling over Aries and activating the fourth house that governs emotions, family, and home, Aries will feel a strong emotional pull during this time. The Full Moon will form an opposition with the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, presenting an opportunity for Aries to step away from unhealthy relationships or patterns that may be holding them back.

Aries must reflect on what truly brings them a sense of security and whether they have compromised their values in pursuing romantic partnerships. Remember, Aries, that you are complete and whole on your own.

TAURUS: Taurus, the Full Moon eclipse is here to help you find balance despite the recent unexpected changes that have challenged your fixed nature.

This lunar eclipse will activate your relationship sector, forming an opposition with the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde in your sign. During this time, you will reflect on the compromises you have made in your relationships and whether they have impacted your sense of security and personal freedom. It's essential, to be honest with yourself and let go of any superficial connections that no longer serve you. Take this time to retrace your steps and find a sense of equilibrium in your relationships, Taurus.

GEMINI: Gemini, as the Full Moon eclipse approaches, it's time to ask yourself what inspires you daily.

However, due to the potentially turbulent nature of this eclipse, it's essential to let go of any pressure to be perfect. The eclipse will shake up your sixth house, which governs health, diligence, and service.

This house will form an opposition with the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde in your 12th house, which is associated with unconscious patterns and hidden elements.

You may find that your old routines and subconscious programming no longer serve you, but this energy frees you to explore new opportunities.

It's time to break free from any comfort zones holding you back and embrace new ways of being. Remember, Gemini, your peace of mind is valuable and worth pursuing.

CANCER: Cancer, the upcoming Full Moon eclipse is a time to reflect on any feelings of resentment or deeper issues you may be carrying.

During this time, you may want to reconnect with your inner child and explore the shadowy aspects of your self-expression. It's essential to closely examine your relationship with self-love, particularly regarding your desire for recognition or praise in creative endeavors.

Additionally, the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde will shake up your 11th house, which governs community affairs. It's vital to differentiate between genuine friendships and social cliques to which you may have attached yourself for validation.

The shadowy aspects of yourself are calling out to you, Cancer, and listening to what they have to say is essential.

LEO: Leo, it's time to tap into your inner courage during this Mercury retrograde and Full Moon energy.

However, the focus is on the darker aspects of your inner world as May's lunar eclipse charges up your fourth house, which governs emotional foundations and family matters. You may be becoming aware of ancestral patterns or deep-seated emotions that have been eclipsed but need to be addressed for personal growth.

Take some time to reflect on what truly validates your sense of authority and personal stability. You can rewrite this story and create a better future for yourself and future generations.

Remember that the courage you need to move forward comes from within, and this lunar eclipse gives you the push to make positive changes.

Virgo: During this Mercury retrograde and Full Moon energy, your third house of communication, siblings, neighbors, and immediate surroundings are charged up by the lunar eclipse.

You may become aware of truths that were previously unspoken and unconscious memories that you had hidden away in your psyche.

The alignment of the lunar eclipse opposite to the sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde could bring unexpected epiphanies regarding your belief systems and personal philosophy. Additionally, with Mars charging up your 11th house of community affairs, you may find that your ideals and sense of belonging in the world are being illuminated.

This is a time for self-discovery but on your terms. Take advantage of this energy to reflect on your values and beliefs and make any necessary adjustments to align with your true self.

Libra: Under the influence of the Full Moon energy and Mercury retrograde, your attention is drawn to your values and intimate relationships.

The lunar eclipse highlights the hidden aspects of your partnerships, bringing to light the subconscious patterns that may have been holding you back from genuine connection.

Opposing the sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde in your eighth house of transformation, this is an opportunity for you to release yourself from negative patterns that have affected your sense of self-worth.

Mars is activating your tenth house of career, giving you the energy to move forward in a new direction with renewed confidence and self-assuredness. Trust yourself, and the universe, to guide you towards a new path.

Scorpio: Reflect on the spiritual growth and transformation you've experienced since the beginning of 2022, Scorpio.

The current Mercury retrograde and Full Moon energy are here to help you face the darker parts of your unconscious and break free from any patterns holding you back. With a Taurus stellium in your relationship sector and Mars in your ninth house of self-discovery, you may find that what you once valued in your connections or depended on is transforming in unexpected ways. Pluto also influences your fourth house of family, so call on your ancestors for support as you navigate these changes.

Sagittarius: Unveil your subconscious.

During this Sagittarius Mercury retrograde and full Moon energy, it's essential to slow down, reflect, and reassess if your current investments and endeavors align with your actual values and purpose. The eclipse is illuminating the areas in your life that need attention and healing, particularly in your relationships and how you navigate power dynamics. Meanwhile, Mars in Cancer calls for self-care and prioritizing your needs, as neglecting them can lead to negative consequences.

Take the time to examine your habits and rituals and make necessary changes to support your overall well-being. This eclipse is an opportunity to release the energetic baggage that no longer serves you and to step into a more authentic and fulfilling way of living.

Capricorn: during this Mercury retrograde and full moon in Scorpio, it's time to re-evaluate the importance you place on the approval of others.

The lunar eclipse is shedding light on the 11th house of community affairs and individual freedom, revealing the hidden dynamics of your social surroundings. You may have been suppressing your true self to fit into a particular group or gain approval from others. This eclipse brings an unexpected shake-up, forcing you to confront the security (or lack thereof) around your self-expression. It's time to let go of any false social identities that no longer serve you and embrace your true self.

This is a period of release and liberation, allowing you to break free from toxic social patterns and live in alignment with your truth. Don't be afraid to embrace your individuality and assert your needs within your social groups.

The Mercury retrograde period also allows you to revisit past relationships and connections, allowing you to heal and release any lingering emotional baggage. Trust that this eclipse will lead you to greater freedom and authenticity in your personal and professional life.

Aquarius, this lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde and Full Moon In Scorpio focus on your sense of authority and success.

If you've been feeling depleted or inhibited in these areas, it's time to reflect on the roots of these feelings. Have you been influenced by childhood experiences or prominent figures in your family? The stellium of planets in Taurus is urging you to go within and reconnect with your personal value system.

This is an opportunity to release any superficial images or values that no longer align with your authentic self. It's essential to question whether you've been subscribing to these images for financial security, as this lunar eclipse may reveal some shadowy truths. Don't be afraid to confront these truths, as they will ultimately lead to greater empowerment and balance in your life.

During this period, it's important to set healthy boundaries and assert your authority in areas where you may have felt inhibited. Trust in your values and intuition rather than seeking validation from external sources. This eclipse will provide you with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, allowing you to step into your power and achieve your goals confidently.

Pisces this last lunar eclipse in Scorpio and Mercury retrograde are bringing focus to your philosophical beliefs and perspectives.

It's essential to question whether these beliefs are truly authentic to you or if they're attached to an illusion. Your rose-colored glasses may stem from a fear of harsh realities, but this eclipse is here to transmute pain into power.

The ninth house of expansion, adventure, and self-discovery is highlighted, providing an opportunity for unexpected perspective shifts. If you've been finding comfort in the worst-case scenario for a false sense of security, this eclipse may bring an unexpected shake-up, forcing you to confront the truth.

While this may be challenging, it's important to remember that the truth sets you free. Embrace the opportunity to release any illusions or limiting beliefs that may hold you back from achieving your full potential. This eclipse urges you to choose the right path that aligns with your true purpose and authentic self. Take this opportunity to explore new experiences, expand your knowledge, and step out of your comfort zone. The universe calls you to embrace your power and live a life that aligns with your valid values and beliefs. Trust in the journey and the growth that comes with it.

Which zodiac Sign are you? Take a moment to embrace this full moon.

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