Trans activist in Tennessee calls out other Trans to fight against the police and more

Tennessee Trans People resistPhoto byTiktok: duchessofdarkness

The past week has been horrendous for Tennessee and the community. But many Trans activists have started raising their voices about Trans laws and trans rights. The Trans community was upset that there was confusion about the Tennessee shooter's gender or how to label it: Whether she or he.

The recent video from Tennessee Trans calling for trans individuals to fight on the streets is harmful for several reasons. Firstly, it incites violence and aggression towards law enforcement officers, which is illegal and dangerous. Calling for people to attack police officers is a blatant disregard for the safety of everyone involved and can lead to severe consequences for those who participate.

(Watch the Full video here)

In the video perpetuates a harmful stereotype that trans people are violent and aggressive, which is not only untrue but also harmful to the community.

This can lead to further discrimination and prejudice against trans individuals, making accessing essential services such as healthcare, housing, and employment even more difficult.

The trans community tries to highlight the ongoing struggles that trans people face, including the misgendering of the school shooter by mainstream media outlets and the recent law signed by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee that prohibits gender-affirming care for minors. These policies and actions perpetuate harm toward trans individuals, making it even more difficult for them to live authentically and safely.

Although many have come out and shared pictures and videos from the Trans community where they share about guns and violence.

It is crucial to acknowledge that hate, anger, and violence are not the solutions to any problem. They only cause harm to innocent individuals who are not responsible for making or changing laws. The recent tragedy in Tennessee, where three innocent children lost their lives, is a grim reminder of this fact. We cannot expect to bring about change by attacking law enforcement or resorting to violent means.

It is also essential to recognize that while these videos may not represent the opinions of all individuals or communities, they highlight an underlying issue that must be addressed. We must come together as a society to foster greater understanding, acceptance, and compassion toward one another, regardless of our differences.

Let us honor the memory of those who have lost their lives to senseless violence by working towards a more peaceful and inclusive future.

This hate and these types of videos will not get us very far and eventually will just cause more harm.

What are your thoughts on this problem?

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