Is there a link between Long Covid, Vaccination, and Sudden death? Insights from Edward Dowd and Tucker Carlson's video

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Three years ago, the whole world was shut down by the Virus that was called: COVID-19.

It seems quite unbelievable to think about it that just 3 years ago, the whole world was turned upside down. We were not allowed to go outside, we had to quarantine, and it affected billions of people worldwide.

Today 3 years later, many things and opinions have changed. We got the Vaccine, which was initially told that it would stop the pandemic and not give it to others when vaccinated. Well, later on, it turned out that it was not the case. The Virus was still going around whether you or others were vaccinated. Also, some extreme measures were taken towards those who decided not to get vaccinated or had a different opinion, including expert opinion.

Today more and more information comes out that makes us understand this whole pandemic better - whether is right or wrong is a different question - We are talking about people`s health - health that is gold for our well-being.

UK And EUROPE have brought up the following statistics:

  • Excess mortality in the EU rose sharply in December 2022, compared with the previous month, and stood at 19.0 %.
  • The long-term consequences of the pandemic include potential lingering effects on health. Studies indicate that some individuals who contract Covid may be at a higher risk of heart problems and strokes in the following weeks and months. In some cases, these health issues may not be attributed to the virus upon death registration. Additionally, the pandemic led to many people delaying screenings and non-urgent medical treatments, which may contribute to long-term health problems. SOURCE

Is there a link between Vaccination, Long Covid, and the rise of Sudden Death Cases?
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According to Edward Dowd, the increase in deaths with an unknown cause can be attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Despite not being an epidemiologist, Dowd, a former Wall Street numbers expert, wrote a book titled "Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022," in which he details the rise of unexplained deaths among young, healthy people.

In an hour-long conversation with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Dowd explained that deductive reasoning suggests the mass vaccination campaign and mandates are the only things that have changed recently. Thus the vaccine is likely the cause of the rise in unexplained deaths.

Dowd also claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic helped central banks avoid a future economic slowdown. He suggested that the pandemic allowed them to print unprecedented amounts of money, ultimately enabling them to cover up a forthcoming global sovereign debt default. Additionally, Dowd stated that tech companies were excited about the new surveillance economy and were quick to enter into a partnership with the government to censor dissent.

According to Dowd, pharma companies saw COVID-19 as a significant moneymaker with unlimited vaccine boosters, so they were eager to develop and promote them.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant harm to many people worldwide, and the development of vaccines has been a crucial step in stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives.

However, as we move forward, we continue to receive new data on the potential harms and effects of the vaccine. The rise of myocarditis and the relationship between big pharma and the NIH are just a few examples of people's many concerns.

It is important to have open and honest discussions about these issues, as that is what democracy should be. While doctors have stated that there is no connection between sudden deaths and the COVID-19 vaccine, we must continue to gather and analyze data to understand the vaccine's effects fully.

Additionally, it is concerning to note that millions of vaccines are going to waste while taxpayers are footing the bill. Overall, we must continue to have an open dialogue and gather more information to make informed decisions moving forward.

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