Unlock Your Potential: A Guide to the New Moon in Aquarius 2023


First New moon in 2023 - Aquarius - Here is what to know and what to do during this new moonPhoto byMsBirgith

The New Moon in Aquarius on 2023 is a powerful time for new beginnings and manifestation. This new moon is full of potential and high in frequency, making it the perfect time to set intentions and attract what you truly desire.

Aquarius is associated with innovation, progress, and forward-thinking. It encourages us to break free from the status quo and embrace new ideas and ways of thinking.

This new moon is an opportunity to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, and to open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Here are some intentions to set during this new moon:

  • Embrace change: Use this new moon to let go of the past and embrace change in your life. Whether it's a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of thinking, allow yourself to be open to new possibilities.
  • Innovate: Aquarius is associated with innovation and progress. Use this new moon to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. It's a perfect time to start a new project or business venture.
  • Connect with others: Aquarius is also associated with community and networking. Use this new moon to connect with like-minded people and form new relationships.
  • Embrace your individuality: Aquarius is all about being true to yourself and embracing your individuality. Use this new moon to let go of societal expectations and embrace who you truly are.

The 2023 New Moon in Aquarius is a special one. Not only the first new moon of the year, but it also marked a turning point for many people. Mars, the planet of will and action, and Mercury, the planet of communication, were both stationing direct by the time this new moon rolled around. However, we were still in the shadow periods of those respective retrogrades, signaling a time to take stock, zoom out and plot a course.

These retrograde shadows found commonality with the new moon, which is itself a time of darkness, a pitch back to black, and a blank slate before becoming. It reminds us that the journey toward the light can be a slow dance, and that we should move with purpose and patience.

The new moon in Aquarius is in the 11th house, which is associated with social connections, friendships, and group activities. This meant that the energy of this new moon is focused on building and strengthening relationships with others. It is a good time to focus on our individuality and personal growth, be open to new opportunities and let go of the past that no longer serves us.

Many people can reflect on their past actions and relationships during this time. You can evaluate your goals and aspirations and think about how they could improve themselves and their lives. Some people take this opportunity to form new connections, while others work on strengthening existing relationships.

In short, the 2023 New Moon in Aquarius was a time of reflection and introspection, a time to take stock of our lives and plot a course toward the future.

It is a reminder that the journey toward the light can be a slow dance and that we should move with purpose and patience. It was a time to embrace change, to focus on personal growth, and to build and strengthen relationships with others.

Leave a comment if you are Aquarius and if you can feel the shift that is coming?

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