Get the inside scoop on Prince Harry`s life with the must-read book "Spare" - Takeaways and Facts from Twitter Community

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Prince Harry has recently released a book about his life and experiences growing up as a royal family member.

The book, "Spare," has quickly become a hot topic in the media, with many people expressing their support for Harry and his decision to share his story.

Despite the positive response, there have also been some critics who find the "complaining" aspect of the book ridiculous.

However, many who have read the book have been shocked by the disturbing facts and stories that Harry has shared about his life as a royal.

One of the most shocking revelations in the book is that Harry's family members, including his brother William and the wife of King Charles III Camilla, have shared private facts and stories about him with the media without his consent.
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This has caused a rift within the royal family and has left many questioning the privacy and respect afforded to members.
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Despite the adverse reactions from some members of the royal family, Harry has received overwhelming support from the public for his courageous decision to speak out and share his story. Many people have praised him for his honesty and for shedding light on the challenges of growing up in the royal spotlight.

In his new book, "Spare," Prince Harry opens up about the difficulties and challenges he has faced throughout his life.
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From growing up as the second in line to the throne, or the "spare" king, to losing his mother at a young age, Harry candidly discusses his struggles within his family and with the media.

He also addresses the challenges he has faced in his relationship with his wife and the media's handling of their relationship. Throughout the book, it is clear that Harry is a heartbroken man, still dealing with the trauma of his past and the challenges of the present.

Here are some top facts that have got the highest buzz at the moment.:
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1. Prince William and Prince Harry have had a competitive relationship since childhood, with Prince Harry referring to himself as "the spare" due to his role as second in line to the throne. Currently, their relationship is reported to be not in such a good condition. He also adds says that his mother Princess Diana would be heartbroken by knowing that the brothers are not in a good relationship no longer.
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2. Prince Harry reveals in his book "Spare" that he believed until the age 20 that his mother Princess Diana's death was all played out and that she would come back one day. It wasn't until he visited the tunnel that he also realized that no his mom would never come back. Those who are listening audiobooks will feel the sad tone in this moment...
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3. Prince Harry also mentions that he used drugs such as cocaine and mushrooms to cope with his feelings in the past. However, he states that his wife, Megan Markle, was a savior, helping him overcome the sadness, painful feelings and more.
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4. Prince Harry also shares his experience of losing his virginity at the age of 17, and reveals that he is not happy about it and regrets it. The Twitter community has been trying to find out the "older "woman, but so far, there have been no leads.
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5. Prince Harry gives readers a look into his time serving as a soldier in Afghanistan. He shares the trauma he experienced during his time in the war-torn country and the disturbing facts that have since black clashed.

Harry speaks candidly about the horrors he witnessed, including the death and injury of fellow soldiers and innocent civilians. He describes the mental and emotional toll that the war took on him, including feelings of guilt and a sense of hopelessness. He also talks about how it was difficult for him to readjust to civilian life after experiencing such trauma.
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Whether you like Prince Harry or not, his book "Spare" is available in both audio and print formats. The book has been met with mixed reactions. You can order your book here :

Regardless of the opinions, the book has been a commercial success, selling 1 million copies of the 2 million copies printed in the first 24 hours, and 50% of these copies were sold in the US, breaking the record set by former President Barack Obama’s memoir, A Promised Land, which sold 890,000 copies in its first 24 hours. This indicates that the book has struck a chord with many people and has sparked many readers' interest.

It's important to remember that despite the public image of Prince Harry as a royal, he is still a human being with his struggles and experiences.

This book gives readers a glimpse into his life and perspective.

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