Tiktok Beauty Influencer who hit 1 million followers with her unbelievable transformation.


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Who is Chloe Waterz, and why is she so popular on Tiktok?

"TikTok influencer" named Chloe Waterz ( TIKTOK NAME) Fountain, who became very popular on social media for her amazing transformation makeup looks. She has a talent for using makeup to change her appearance completely, and people were always amazed by how different she looked after she applied her makeup.

Many of her followers didn't believe she was the same person in both videos. They thought that she must have used a different model for the after-video or that she had edited the video by using apps to make herself look younger.

Her followers were saying that " NO way it is the same person.", ""It must be a sister or a daughter" ""definitely not the same person."

As word of Chloe's amazing transformation spread, more and more people began following her on Tiktok . She became known as the best catfish of tiktok , and her followers were simply amazed that she is the same person. Chloe reminds silent on all these accusations until she hit 1 million followers. Then she revealed her secret.

But what is CATFISH?

"Catfish makeup" generally refers to a style of makeup that is used to transform one's appearance into that of another person or character. This style of makeup is often used by makeup artists and enthusiasts for creative expression and transformation.

It is not specific to TikTok and can be found on a variety of social media platforms and in the wider beauty industry.

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Chloe was silent until she hit 1 Million followers and shared her full video of how she transforms.

Turns out, most of her followers were wrong. She was the same person all the time.


Turns out that it is called FACE TAPE, which makes this transformation possible. A new technique called face tape. It is a type of adhesive tape that is used to lift and contour the face, creating the appearance of a more youthful and defined facial structure.

So after her videos and amazing transformation, even the celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid.

Chloe quickly reassured them that it was all done with makeup and face tape. She explained that it was a new technique that she had learned and that it was a great way to alter one's appearance temporarily. She also emphasized that it was important to remember that true beauty comes from within and that it was important to feel confident and comfortable in one's own skin. Although many of the followers still do not believe that she is the same person and believe it is a mother and daughter duo.

Which type of makeup products and techniques she uses exactly, you can find out on her TikTok page.

What do you think? Same person or...

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