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Life changes when you have your first baby; you are not just by yourself anymore. Yet you can feel very isolated and lonely. So while we can hear all these stories about how everything changes and things can get difficult, it is hard to know until you are really in this situation.

Having your first baby is the most magical thing in this world. So much love and happiness. But we need to admit; there isn't so much fun and entertainment. So now it is time to focus on your little one, make sure that your baby is fed, clean, and having a good sleep.

Jennifer, the founder of MomCaveTV, felt precisely the same way. Isolated, feeling like "I can not handle this new role.", every other mom can do it better, and so on.
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"When I had my first child, I was one of the first in my group of friends to become a mom. I felt isolated until I found some like-minded moms online. At first, all I saw was your typical Pinterest-y mommy blogs, and those just made me feel like a failure. So I started writing a web series called Slummy Mummy ( about that feeling of overwhelm and the fish-out-of-water feeling I felt in the wealthy neighborhood I lived in, while not being wealthy myself! That web series won some awards and got into some film festivals, and other parents with my sense of humor approached me to start a YouTube channel of comedy for moms." - said Jennifer.

Meet Jennifer, founder of Mom Cave TV, " An Edgy Alternative To Mommy Bloggers!" according to Forbes.
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Motherhood is like a roller coaster; this is why Jennifer decided to make some funny videos and share them on her MoveCAVE TV. "I do believe that we need more humor and "feel alike" moments. Motherhood is far from perfect, but sometimes scrolling on Instagram or reading other mom blogs, we moms feel like these moms have it all together; why not me?

So if you feel like your motherhood journey is not perfect, welcome to the club.

What advice would you give to the new mothers?

"Everything is a stage. If you can't figure it out, don't kill yourself trying. By the time you search all the parenting blogs and read all the books, your child will have grown into a new stage. Instead, think of yourself as a work in progress as a parent; just as your kid grows, you are learning. No one is born the perfect parent."
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Do you believe Humour and having "take it easy" helps mothers to deal with this new role better?

"Definitely, laughter makes everything better. If I have to make an ass of myself on the internet to show others, they aren't alone, and I'll do it."

Top TIPS you would give to mothers who find themselves in a "loop" - feeding, diapers, and diapers.

1. Know that this is a season of your life, not the rest of your life. Your child will outgrow diapers and night wakings and grow into a "bigger kid" stage, with will be easy in many ways and more complex than others. Find other moms (even if they're online friends) who can be real, who aren't judging each other. MomCave is a great place to start!

2. Don't worry too much about "messing up your kid." The fact that you are worried means you are a good parent who is trying to thoughtfully and intentionally parent. When I was a baby, I was constantly in the arms of a chain-smoking relative. When I was a kid, I watched a ton of TV and ate a ton of junk food. And I turned out fairly successful as an adult human being.

3. You don't have to do things the typical way. Find systems that make life easier for you. If it's easier to keep your kid's toothbrush in the kitchen because you can oversee morning toothbrushing while packing lunches, do it.

4. All kids really want is attention. When we are working so hard to make ends meet and give them everything in the world, we sometimes forget to get down on the floor to play and connect. Even five minutes makes a difference.
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Jennifer is here to bring more happiness and laughter into your everyday life. Keep in mind that surrounding yourself with people, moments, and things helps you see outside of the box.

Find out more funny videos over here:

Moms, you can do it!

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