Get ready; coffee prices may increase up to 20% in 2022.


Have you noticed recently that your groceries are more expensive than ever, then this is just a warm-up; get ready to pay almost 20% more on your coffee in 2022.
Hot cup of coffee may cost you 20% more in 2022Devin Avery

And if you think that everything is going to settle down once the pandemic is over, then when it comes to the prices. Nothing settles down there. Instead, it is going to go up.

If you love coffee, pile your stock up before 2022 comes.

You need to be ready to pay more than 20% than you pay today.

What is the cause of this?

Well, over the years, we have heard that at one point, we will run out of cocoa, coffee, avocados, and more. And the less we have, the higher price we pay. So it is simple, the higher the demand, the higher the price.

In the current situation, we are affected by three main issues.

There is an overall global shortage of coffee. Yes, it is not just because people had way too much coffee during the pandemic, as coffee is a natural source and depends on so many factors. Such as it takes 3-5 years for a coffee tree to give the first batch of beans.

Coffee trees need a very stable climate: Not too hot or cold. And as the weather is something we can`t stop or change. Thus the yield of coffee depends very much on the weather conditions.

And this happened now in Brazil; over the years, Brazil has experienced swift in weather, which has led us to the shortage of Arabica beans.

The third main reason is, of course, the Covid 19 Outbreak. Because many countries faced very strict lockdown measures, there was simply not enough human force to package and export the coffee beans out to the world. Because many borders have been closed, shipping and transportations have been more complicated than ever. There is a shortage of containers, and rates are high.

If you are a coffee lover, it`s time to start budgeting up.

So how much is the coffee going to cost you in 2022?

An average cup of coffee in the United States costs $2.60.

So now adding 20% on top of the price would make about $0.50 extra. So buying one coffee once a month will probably not affect your budget.

Let`s calculate the price for those who drink coffee every day ( take away), with an average price of $2.60, and how much more they need to pay extra in the upcoming year.

1 Coffee per day for 30 days on average: Makes about $78 per month.

Well, yearly, it will cost about $936.

Now let`s see if the coffee price increases about 20%; how much more your coffee will cost monthly and yearly.

New Price of the coffee: $3.10

With a new price of coffee, you will pay $93 per month: 1 Coffee takeaway per day.

So, it makes about six coffees that you could have had with an old price.

Per year the cost of your coffee will come down to $1116

So that means you need to have an extra $180 for your upcoming year if you plan to take away one coffee per day.

These prices are estimated, but we can be sure of one thing: the prices will go up. And not only coffee prices, sugar, food, and more.

Let me know the average price of coffee in your area & how many coffees do you drink per day?

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