Facial Recognition can improve everyday life, interview with the Startup founder from Facedapter


Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) can often feel like an overwhelming phenomenon. A futuristic idea that would change everyday life and culture that people are comfortable with.

To remedy this, it is necessary to be aware of how it can improve everyday life and how the technology itself can be improved.

Praveen Gajjala Founder of FacedapterPraveen Gajjala Private gallery

A startup Facedapter founder Praveen Gajjala said: "It's normal that we fear the facial recognition systems and have a lot of ethical questions around it. But like with everything in life, there is a good and bad side. So here is why I started Facedapter company that can securely authenticate people without needing data."

"While it is always easier to focus on the negative aspects, in this article, I would like to bring out the positive side of Facial recognition solutions and how it improves our daily life. And the negative part? Let Facedapter be the future that brings and solves these current issues such as data privacy, biased systems, and more."

Facial Recognition Technology Facilitates Secure Transactions

Facial Recognition is already being used in existing technology; smartphones are a great example of this. If an individual is using, for example, the latest Apple products, facial identification is necessary to unlock the phone and to use Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments using biometrics. This is an example of Facial Recognition Technology improving everyday life by facilitating secure transactions.

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This technology is in use on different levels around the world. For example, in China, a financial services company called Ant Financial has developed technology that allows customers to pay for meals by scanning their faces. According to FaceFirst, "Customers place orders through a digital menu and then use face scan as a payment option. After providing their telephone number, they can then purchase their meal".

The tecIdentificationnology present and in use in China. Still, it is in use globally, but it is an example of where FRT can go regarding financial security" there is always room for improvement and safety.

Accurately Identify People at ATM Mac" identification may soon completely replace the need for a card as a form of payment or for withdrawal purposes at ATM Machines. Currently, it is only being implemented to validate people's identifications in cases of cash withdrawals.

According to Computer Weekly,

"Spain’s CaixaBank is rolling out cash machines fitted with facial recognition technology so customers can withdraw cash without entering a PIN. It began using ATMs in Feb 2019 with an initial 20 machines installed at major branches in Barcelona and Valencia".

The latest plan is set to install more than 100 additional ATMs with biometric authentication technology across Spain.

Making Air Travel More Convenient

One of the air travel Recognition biggest challenges to date is accurately confirming the travel identities of individuals. The manual comparison between an individual and their identity to the border agent has a 3% error rate.

This means that if an airport has 25,000 incoming passengers daily, and 1 in 10,000 is a criminal of some kind, 750 persons will successfully get past border security in one day.

In the case of Air Travel, FRT is an active force for efficient security and a faster travel process. It has already been implemented in Airports in Hawaii during the pandemic's peak to identify individuals with fluctuating body temperatures. It is now in use for a more efficient travel process along with covid safety precautions.

Airport pictureCHUTTERSNAP

Control Acces to Secure Areas

Face recognition is already trusted by millions of people to control access to their mobile devices. But, unfortunately, we live in a day and age where acts of terror occur often enough to cause unease even in areas that are meant to be safe; Schools, Offices, Churches. The USA is an example of this with active school shootings and several other avoidable tragedies.

But FRT can be used as a primary or secondary form of identification when controlling access to sensitive locations within a city or places of employment and education depending on the target audience.

It can be used to secure government buildings, water reservoirs, power plants, and more. Keep sensitive information secure.

Find Missing Children & Victims of Human Trafficking

According to HuffPost.com Recognition, 1.2 million children are trafficked every year”, and many are taken in completely avoidable ways.

FRT can make it easier to bring them home by identifying them on street or store cameras. This could also be a preventative measure FRT could recognize and identify individuals with criminal records in regards to children.

The concern would then become the over surveillance of the public, privacy, and hackers and their ability to access this information.

At Facecapter, we're excited to be working to build the cities of the future. If you're interested in learning how Facedapter can help accelerate your safe city initiative, reach out to us today.


" In 2021, I can say it is clear that we are going to use Facial Recognition systems more and more. But here are things we need to consider, such as biased systems, data privacy, and more. One of the reasons I started Facedapter is the fact that our economy and lifestyles are growing globally. Still, the systems we are using these days to authenticate people are not globally fit. And this means the solutions that are used in the United States don't fit India or Africa. " - Praveen Gajjala

Praveen Gajjala Founder of FacedapterPraveen Gajjala Private gallery

For more about the Facedapter & Facial recognition, find here.

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