Instagram announcement - They are going to pay for Creators.

Instagram new announcement - paying for creatorsNathana reboucas

Instagram recently announced that they are no longer JUST a photo-sharing app and trying to encourage those who make videos ( Reels and IGTV).

It seems like after many years of being the number one social media app, Instagram feels that TikTok is taking their audience, and they need to change SOMETHING.

Instagram also announced that they are FINALLY thinking of starting to pay CREATORS.

(I will touch this subject a little bit below)

Yes, I can see that Instagram is going through some changes, which means the algorithm will change again.

Firstly. IG shows me the accounts' posts I followed long ago, but I do not engage with them anymore.

It looks like they are trying to fix their algorithm and mix and match your preferences.

For a while, the Instagram app's algorithm was pretty much designed to show you" the pictures/videos" you used to like/comment the most, and your feed was filled with their posts/stories, and Explore page recommended you similar posts.

It turned out that this was not very successful. Because as a matter of fact, we all got bored of it. Same people, posts, and stories - Here is a great example of how the algorithm sometimes doesn't work.

And this is the problem with algorithms, while we can think that the computer's AI can decide and manipulate our minds. So there is also a pretty big chance that people find it is simply not working and reaching out to another channel or creating one.

Things changed when TIK TOK became more popular. Tiktok had this great For your page #FYP option. I gave random videos via this page, and it is simply more entertaining.

So Instagram discovered that the younger audinece and people who did not do so well on Instagram moved over to TIKTOK and not returning to IG.

Let's be honest, over time, IG turned to be a platform:

  1. Where another Instagram Influencers sells or talks about a product.
  2. Another big brand that has a considerable marketing budget sells another product or service.
  3. And mini Blog posts where people share their experiences and stories.

And while this is all great, let's be honest: WE DO NOT LIKE SALESPEOPLE.

Why do I want to scroll on Instagram that sells me anything and everything in every corner and I do not get any value or entertains me. No, I am not telling you that Tiktok videos have SO MUCH VALUE, but whether we like to admit it or not, it is pretty entertaining.

So Instagram realized that they need to change the GAME and start paying for their CREATORS.

I recently wrote about how writers, influencers, and people can start making money with Instagram.

Now, Instagram plans to pay for IGTV videos creators via ad revenue and tipping system.

Here I have two mixed feelings:

  1. Yes, it is excellent paying for creators like Youtube and Tiktok already do, will improve the content, and might keep people longer on their app.

Because let's be honest, we are willing to put more work in when money comes in.

  1. Their algorithm, Instagram, needs to retrain its algorithm. Since it is not favoring new upcoming creators - even those who are doing super well on Youtube or TikTok.

So this means if their algorithm is not going to favor people who are putting out their high-quality content, they will not continue and use other channels that are still paying for them.

Honestly, some women/men showing off their body parts gets millions of likes and comments. In contrast, another person with excellent knowledge has no chance of seeing or hearing their content.

I get "SEX ALWAYS SELLS" - As long as we have a market, it always sells.

While on Youtube, the same woman who shares healthy living or something like this has a higher search and ad revenue rate.

So I think this is something Instagram needs to change to keep the people and high-quality content on their platform.

Video content is the winner - Yes, photos are great - But video wins.

Yes, the truth is while pictures and outstanding, and they can tell a lot. Video content tends to connect people and audinece better.

I am very curious about how Instagram is going to pay for its creators. Is it really going to work?

If you would like to know how this new creators program will work, follow for more updates and stories.

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