Tiny Getaway cabins now open in Nashville, Tennessee - Book your perfect Getaway.


Last year has been more challenging than ever before. We all have been patiently waiting for when we can travel again.

Honestly, a little getaway sounds like a perfect chance. Do you agree?

Perfect Getaway in Nashville, TennesseeGetaway house

We have some great news - Getaway. Homes ( house) just opened their tiny Getaway cabins in Tennessee.

Please do not wait any longer; now It's time to plan your perfect Getaway in Celina, Tennessee.

Taking some time off and spending time in nature is an excellent way to hit the restart button, take care of your mental health and have a moment where you put life on pause.

Do you remember your last time you switched off your phone, laptop and had time for yourself?

If you feel like you need to unplug and refresh - then Getaway Tiny Cabin is a perfect option for your retreat.

These cabins are just a short drive away. It takes about 1.50 hours from downtown Nashville.

It feels like a perfect place where you have everything you need - a comfortable queen bed, full kitchen, large windows, fire pit & view over the forest.

Connect with Nature & Switch off your mobile phone.

Several studies show that adults and children who spend time in nature are happier and healthier. Even more, their creativity will increase and have less stress. When was your last time in the forest? If you can`t remember, then most probably it was way too long ago.

A tiny home with all the essentials.

All the cabins have a mini-fridge and stove where you can cook your own meal. The kitchen includes all the pots and pans, and on top of that, you can do bbq outside, where you have an outdoor fire pit.

GETAWAY TIP: Do your getaway shopping one or two days before. Do not leave it at the last moment, although if you forget something they have some great options available for delivery.

The cabin has salt, pepper, and olive oil. Also for a small fee, you can get coffee and tea.

What to shop for your Weekend Getaway or detox Wednesday?

It depends on what you like, but the outdoor fire pit allows an outdoor BBQ.

Choose between Meat or Veggie BBQ:

Pack your bags with fresh salad, tomatoes, cucumber, beef, chicken, pork, or even lamb. Meat tastes the best when it has been in the overnight marinade, marinate your meat, or buy the meat that has already been marinated. Get some veggies such as red pepper, zucchini, potatoes, red onions, bell peppers, eggplants, and more.

For drinks, get something light; keep in mind it`s time for detox and retreat. But if you wish to have some sips around the bonfire, then grab something with you. Keep in mind - Quality over Quantity.

And do not forget to buy some marshmallows or some eggs and flour to bake nice pancakes while enjoying the view and sounds of nature.

Perfect Getaway in Nashville, TennesseeGetaway house

Grab your favorite book, or download your favorite podcast, movie and just switch off the phone.

In order not to feel "tempted" to scroll on social media, they also offer cellphone lockboxes. You can lock your phone and have a "social media detox" day.

But if you wish to have memories of this beautiful getaway, bring your camera along.

Perfect Getaway in Nashville, TennesseeGetaway house

Giant Window that opens the views over the forest.

Waking up with a VIEW like this? - YES PLEASE

Perfect Getaway in Nashville, TennesseeGetaway house

What a perfect way to wake up and start your day with positive vibes. And it's not only what you see, more importantly, how it makes you feel. Being in nature improves mood, lowers stress, improves creativity and overall well-being.

Wake up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea. You can bring it with you, or all the cabins provide coffee and tea for a small fee. Bring your favorite books, journals, or camera with you, and let the magic of Forest bring the best out of you.

Cozy cabins with full bathroom.

All the cabins have a full bathroom with hot showers and a private toilet. If you plan to go hiking or run in the forest, there is no need to worry about hot water or a shower. Soap, shampoo, conditioners are also provided.

These tiny cabins are perfect for a family vacation or just for a weekend getaway. If you happen to have a dog, then bring them along! Dogs are allowed to join at the Getaway house and even have basic essentials for your dog.

Looking for a perfect spot to relax, clear your mind and boost your energy?

Then Getawayhomes just opened their tiny cabins in Nashville, Tennessee. This vacation rental is a perfect escape from the city, just less than 2 hours away from the center of Tennessee.

In fact, you do not need to pack anything, just book your cabin today & connect with nature.

Perfect Getaway in Nashville, TennesseeMs.Birgith

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