Mothers deserve the best care, Vonetta Cosmetics CEO shares skincare tips and gift guide.


Would you like to surprise your mother with a gift that gives beautiful skin? Vonetta Cosmetics got your back here.

Meet, Vonetta Williams, owner, and CEO of Vonetta Cosmetics. Vonetta Cosmetics will make your gift-giving decisions easier by sharing some specially curated items, perfect for gifting.
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Mother's day is right around the corner, so let's show the special lady(ies) in your life some heart-felt love and appreciation with the perfect gift.

In this article, Mrs. Williams, a veteran esthetician with over 25 years in the beauty industry, will share the best tips, gift sets, and advice. As a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, she is well aware of the skin issues mother's face and will provide tips on caring for the skin.

Vonetta Cosmetics was born from a personal struggle with acne and discoloration and the realization -

"The market needed more corrective skin care products for women of color, as every woman would love to have perfect skin." - said Vonetta Williams.

Vonetta Cosmetics is located in Atlanta, Georgia. With an online store, they are able to serve many clients and ship across the United States. Vonetta shares a lot of free tips and information on her website( blog) and advises on Instagram and Facebook.

While being a mother of herself, she discovered that high-quality skincare products are essential to look young and radiant.

"When you have three daughters, sleepless nights, running errands, and trying to keep up with everything can be exhausting. Life is never the same once you have children. I can't imagine life without my daughters; being their mother is the best gift ever. As women (and mothers), we tend to forget that sometimes we need to put our needs first. Taking care of ourselves is a great first step.


Most mothers (and non-mothers) are starting to see a difference in their skin during this age range, typically known as aging (wrinkling, lackluster or dull skin, discoloration, and sometimes acne). As we all know, this last year was very stressful, and this plays a role in how our skin looks. And that's why having an excellent skincare kit at home makes us feel good.

Vonetta recommends three perfect products for bringing for giving your skin a fresh, fabulous glow!

TRUTH BAR CLEANSER: A good cleanser that exfoliates is always necessary. Not only does it polish the skin, but this helps other products penetrate better. Our TRUTH BAR is well known for these attributes, among many others. It's also excellent as a polishing body bar.
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We also have an ANTI-AGING KIT that contains Mandelic Cleansing Gel (A gentle exfoliating cleanser that helps to polish the skin). Heyedration Eye Gel (great for helping to hydrate and plump the skin in the eye area), Equalizing Moisturizer (An ultra-rich moisturizing cream rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, and botanical extracts), and Normalizing Toner (gentle toner with botanical extracts to treat the skin and remove any residue ).
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GLOW (level's one and two) is an Anti-Aging Powerhouse. Retinol is the main player in this luxurious formulation. Clinical Studies describe retinol as the "gold standard" for reducing the visible signs of extrinsic aging and photodamage associated with sun exposure. This gel-based delivery system, called Green Polymer Cooling Gel (GPCG), provides high enough retinol concentrations to help improve the healthy appearance of skin while minimizing the side effects associated with using retinol. Always wear with sunblock while using this product.
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All these products are available online and can be shipped to your home. If you have any special requirements or need advice, reach out to Vonetta Cosmetics through their website, DM on IG or FB.

Moms are the best; after many long sleepless nights, worries, laughs, and love, sending them a skincare gift set is a beautiful way to THANK YOU. Share in the fun and make an at-home SPA day with your mother and Vonetta Cosmetics.

More information about Vonetta Cosmetics here: Facebook and Instagram or
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