A woman from Tennesee found her siblings with an unexpected DNA test.


"Who is this Dixie lady?"

This is the famous question that changed Kila's life forever. Little did Kila knew that this call and name "DIXIE" is about to change her life forever.

Kila is a mother and happily married woman from Tennesee, United States. She grew up as an only child and had no idea that one point, her life is about change forever.

Last Christmas, Kila's Daughter Emily and her husband had an idea to make DNA tests as Christmas presents for each other. Emily also asked if Kila's husband and Kila were interested in doing their very first-time DNA TEST.

All the sisters- top- Kila, Dixie, Cassie bottom- Tina and SusieKila`s Private Gallery

Kila's reply was: "No, my luck, it would come back. Daddy wouldn't even be my biological father"! Back then, Kila was just kidding.

Fast forward to January when Kila's Daughter Emily called and asked: "WHO IS DIXIE LADY?"

Kila said: "I was like what? She told me that she has got back her DNA results, and Dixie is her closest DNA relative. Which means she could be a cousin or an aunt. I told her the only person named Dixie that I knew was a little girl that I played with when I was tiny and that we had pictures of her in my Mom's photo album."

Emily said that her name is Dixie Ball and if we happen to know any Ball's? I immediately said Charlie Ball? She asked me who he was?

I said I have no clue; I just know the name. I called my aunt ( thinking they were distant relatives) and asked her about Charlie and Dixie, and she had no idea who they were either. My cousin googled Charlie Ball and found his obituary. There was a video picture tribute, and when I played it. There was a picture that scrolled through of Dixie in the little yellow dress with Charlie Ball.

At that point, we figured that I should probably do a DNA test as well."

Dixie and Kila first meeting and a picture we found when we were little Kila`s Private Gallery

Kila bought a DNA test to figure out how come they have connections with DIXIE and CHARLIE.

Nowadays, doing Genetic Testing is relatively easy. You do not need much, and it takes a couple of weeks. First, you give your DNA sample via spitting on a little vile and then download an app until your results come in.

Kila said: "So, waiting on the DNA test to come back is excruciating! You check the app every single day, even though you know it can take 3-6 weeks. During this time, I have thought of every scenario possible.

Could my Mom have another daughter?

Did my Dad have other children?

Why do I remember this Dixie girl?

Is there a family secret I have no idea about?"

My Daughter Emily finally Said, "Mom, I believe Papa is really not your biological Dad."

"Have you not ever wondered why he doesn't have more kids than just you? I believe this Charlie Ball guy is really your Dad, and Dixie is your half-sister, and Nana just never told anybody ."

Kila said: "I honestly have never really thought about my Dad not having any other kids. My birth parents were never married to each other. They were both married a couple of times to other people, and neither one of them ever had any more kids, so I guess I never put a lot of thought into it. I always had a step-brother and step-sister on my Dad's side, and he still treats them like they are his kids. "


"I got the results, and YES, my Inner feeling was correct. Dixie is my sister."

Kila reached out to Dixie via Facebook and said: " I think we are sisters."

Dixie was not as surprised as I was when I first heard, "Who is this Dixie lady? "

Dixie said that it must be from her Dad side, and she also knows that we have another sister that was put up for adoption at birth. What another SISTER? "

Kila said: " 2020 was the best year ever, as this changed my life forever. Despite the Covid, my family is now bigger than ever. I now have 4 sisters and 1 older brother. I got to know my 5 siblings, 6 nephews, 4 nieces, and 4 great-nieces and nephews. You can do the math! Now I have Cousins that I never knew about and hearing all kinds of crazy family stories. I always thought my Mom was wild and crazy, but hearing what my siblings went through with most of their Moms and Dad is Insane."

" I am so very thankful that I had my Daddy growing up, and I am so very thankful that my Mom picked my Daddy to be my Dad. I hate that I missed out on growing up with my siblings and meeting Granny Dixie. Granny Dixie sacrificed her life and worked her tail off to take care of Charlie's (bio dad’s) children. My Daddy and Granny Dixie are the real-life Hero’s of our story. They loved and took care of kids when they didn’t have to. They chose to. I can’t sing their praise enough!! Stay tuned for some of the craziest stories that you will ever hear. "

Charlie, Kila, Dixie and Cassie Kila`s Private Gallery

Charlie, Kila, Dixie and Cassie Kila`s Private Gallery

Kila's whole life has changed forever, and now it's time to make up the time.

Kila said that having Siblings has been so much fun. - " We are trying to make up for a lost time and talking about ALL the things and hearing about how we were raised differently. Having nieces and nephews is just incredible. Knowing that you have someone on your side at ALL times. Even if your wrong, someone still has your back. Our Family tree is now very different. "

Kila is sharing her, and her siblings' journey on Tik Tok - You can find their account over here. Their account has gone viral, and their audience is totally attached to their journey. This is why they plan to start a podcast to share more about their journey, life, and more.

Kila said: "Between the 6 of us, we definitely can keep the conversation flowing. We will be getting to know each other and talking about our childhood, adulthood, relationships, kids, adoption, blended families, divorce, prison...

Dixie and KilaKila`s Private Gallery

I believe it will be therapeutic for all of us in the long term, and we want to talk to other people and hear their stories. We want people to know that no matter what, you can break the cycle. Be Better, not bitter."

If you would like to know how to do a DNA test in the united states and learn more about your family history, get in touch with Kila and her family.

Taking a DNA test is just not only finding out your family roots. Nowadays, we can take a genetic test that helps to find out genetic diseases or genetic disorders. All you need is a DNA kit and a little bit of patience.

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