15th - Happy Birthday Twitter! 15 Years later and tweet that is worth $2.6 Million.


Twitter is celebrating its 15th Birthday Today! 15 years since a very first Tweet was published

Many of you might have seen the news about Jack Dorsey selling his very first Tweet that didn't say much, but now the bid is up to $ 2.6 Million.

Even Elon Musk stated that he is willing to share his Tweet for over $1 Million but recently turned the offer down.

Do you remember your very first Tweet?

While many of you think that Instagram created hashtags, then the truth is the trend came from Twitter. So shall we call Twitter as "mother of hashtags?"

Twitter is definitely the one and only "mother" of all the small and rapid messages. It also grew quite rapidly after its launch that it had already 60.000 Tweets sent out per day just a year later. And from there on, in 2021, today Twitter has over 330 Million active users.

I joined Twitter back in 2009, so not so long after its launch. I tried to look up my very first Tweet, but unfortunately, the statistics couldn't go beyond 2013.

Twitter plays a huge role in News, Marketing, and even politics.

People say that they mainly use Twitter for getting the news and latest updates. Twitter has its own inbuilt "trending option" that gives an overview of the most popular topics and stories these days.

As we know, Barack Obama is a very active user of Twitter, and Donald J. Trump used it for his political views and more. And while Twitter just is a social media platform, they are the very first Platform in the world that permanently banned Donald J. Trump ( 45th President of the United States).

This led to the discussion of who is ruling the world - Politicians or Social Media Platforms.

Twitter is still a very effective marketing platform. Small and big brands love to use to create some BUZZ around their brand.

But sometimes things can go very wrong, very fast - Even if the idea is good.

Recently on International Women's day, Burger King Tweeted: "Women Belong in the kitchen" - While they had a great idea of how to follow up with it - with the scholarship offer. Then the idea just didn't work, and Burger King. While they had a good intention, it turned against them. And they ended up apologizing and deleting the Tweets. But as we know once it`s on Internet, it stays there forever.


Today the most popular Twitter users are :

1.Barack Obama 130M Followers


2. Justin Bieber with 114.1M Followers


3. Katy Perry with 109.5M Followers


So here it goes, few words can turn the tables. Over time Twitter tweets have made many celeberities, politicians apologize or cheer for their happy accomplishments.

The beauty of Twitter is that we never know when our words can change the world.


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