What is Clubhouse, and why SMALL Entrepreneurs/Businesses should join it RIGHT NOW?


The Clubhouse is the latest "Social media buzz" word; everyone is talking about it yet still does not know the benefits and how it works exactly?


So what is Clubhouse exactly?

It's an audio-based Social Media "network" where you can join different rooms at talking about the topics. It is currently in the Invite, the only option, and works on the Apple store ( not yet Android). So it is a kind of exclusive app as you need to get invited to be part of it? Some of you remember the days when you had to get an invitation to make a GMAIL account.


The Clubhouse is in its early stages, and it is hard to predict how big or small it turns out to be. It has probably a better success at the moment because those who face limitation, banning, and other issues with other social media channels, such as Instagram and Twitter. They both daily block and delete accounts, giving more interest to join other upcoming networks.

So how does it work?

First, currently, it operates only on Iphones & Ipads( They are planning to launch the Android version soon)

Second, you need to know someone who is a member and has an invitation.

And then, you can join and start listening or hosting rooms.


There are rooms which you can join and listen to & host your rooms. If you have noticed, then Facebook also set up now audio option - HOST A ROOM.

So in easy words, you can get together with a friend, turn on the CLUBHOUSE room and host a chat where you talk about some topics.

And the rest of the world can listen and interact with.

I can say for sure that audio is a big thing - podcasts, audiobooks, and so on are becoming more popular every day.

People like listening and interacting while having just their headphones on.

Do small business owners currently underrate CLUBHOUSE?

I believe YES! One thing that small businesses struggle with is to build an audience and stay connected with. I see so many small businesses who woke up in 2020 ( especially after covid) and realized that they need to be ONLINE. And I believe it is the same with the Clubhouse. Yes, CLUBHOUSE may not be the most popular platform today, but it may become, and if you were one of the first ones, you always have this "early bird" advantage.

If Clubhouse is not going to be another Instagram or Twitter, you still benefit from starting it.


While you are hosting a room - where you talk about your business, tips, or ideas, you can also record this talk as a video. This means while you are hosting a room, you are generating content for your business that you can use later in your marketing.

Here are some great ideas for SMALL BUSINESSES to host a ROOM.

Let's say you have a healthy food/vegan food business.

Maybe first, it doesn't make much sense - FOOD and TALK? - We eat food. But here is the thing, we also TALK about food.

And this is why Food topics are perfect for hosting a ROOM.

You can talk about the following topics:

1) The reasons you started your vegan/food business.

2) Facts that people do not know about or are essential for you

3) What are you offering, and how often do you cook/deliver, etc.

4) Food advice - what to cook at home, how to cook vegan dishes, etc.

When people know what you are talking about, they trust your service and product.


Not let's say you are not a healthy Food Business - You have a FOOD TRUCK - which sells burgers and wraps.

And? People love FOOD, so whatever you know about making a good burger, sauces, different tips here and there will again boost your knowledge that you are the "MAN ( woman)" who knows about BURGERS.

Take an example of real-life: A friend of yours tells you how to make perfect caramelized onions for Burger. You go back home and start wondering how to do it as well? - You call back and get advice.

The same is with CLUBHOUSE; there are no rules - talk about caramelized onions or how to make a perfect burger. The most important is that you talk and bring out exciting topics. At the end of each ROOM, you can, of course, say: "Those who order it today with the code: CLUBHOUSEFAN you get 20% off or free delivery."

Here you can see that Plant-Based Food + Wellness already has over 117K members.


And this can apply in any field, selling skincare products, clothes, services, and so on. Clubhouse lets you talk about anything, and if you get people to listen to you - your small business will grow.

Another great benefit is that CLUBHOUSE Is an audio-based app. Which means you do not need to look excellent or formal. You can talk, and no one knows if you are in pajamas or when did you wash your hair...

Of course, if you are trying to make the most of it and add your video to it that you can upload across other platforms, you need to add more effort to how you look.

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