International Women's day, Style tips that make you feel confident and gorgeous.


Style tips and inspiration from Tina, a stylist from California.

Dear Ladies, Happy International Women's Day! We women have come a long way from where we are today. We are still facing issues with gender inequality, social status, leadership, and more. But this is why we are here today, and we are here to CHANGE the WORLD.

Be stronger and better together.

Fashion has always played a massive role in Women's History. Over time style has changed, from long dresses to shorter ones and carrying/sharing some message. While a decade ago, Plus Size models were not allowed on the stage, then today we have come so far that every size, every color makes us more beautiful and stronger.

Yes, we still have a long way to go to bring more peace, liberty, and equality to this world. But we will get there!

Tina, Fashion Stylist from California, shares her unique tips on gaining confidence and bringing out feminine confident style tips.

Tina is based in California, US, and she has an extensive understanding of garment construction for various body types; Tina creates the perfect symphony of style and wearability. Her attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics are much appreciated by her clients worldwide.

Today, Tina is sharing upcoming Spring looks. Pick your favorite, dress up and share your look with the world.

There is brilliance in being a woman, and while we will always be our hardest critiques, it's now time to accept and celebrate all that we are, with all of our moods, ups, and downs.

We can be proud mothers, and we can be an authoritative boss; we can be a loving friend and an aggressive lover;

We are a force of nature."

No matter what choices we make in life, let's make them confidently. It's okay to feel tired sometimes but let's lift each other when one of us gets overwhelmed.

Let's inspire ourselves when we lose our motivation and through it all, let's embrace all that we are and all that we can be. Proudly embrace the women in us.

Tina is sharing few tips that can help you carry a confident image and turn around your frame of mind, no matter what space you're in.

Feeling overwhelmed by the various roleplays in your life?

Don't worry! We all have ridden that tide sometimes.

Brighten up with your favorite pop color.

Even if you're the monotone dressing kinds, try adding a pop of color on your scarf or your shirt, and it is sure to cheer up your blues.

Want to be taken seriously at work? Feel the need to assert your power?

Try adding some structure to your daily look. Pair a feminine blouse with a blazer and add high pointed heels to make sure everyone knows "Whose, the Boss!!!"

One of those days where no matter what you do, you still feel bloated?

It's okay! Allow yourself some breathing space; give yourself a break. It's okay to feel this way.

Wear something loose and comfortable but remember to show off any part of your body you still feel confident about.

Is it your legs? Wear a short, loose dress.

Is it your shoulders?

Wear an off-shoulder kaftan dress.

Is it your arms?

Wear a loose tube dress.

Having to see yourself in comfort wear and focusing your attention on what you like will instantly make you feel better about yourself.

Feel like wearing your most comfortable T-shirt and denim combo? But also don't want to look basic?

Dont worry! Slip-on your comfy/ favorite denim and a comfortable shirt and Accessorize!!!

Add some chunky jewelry which heightens the sense of effort in an outfit, and you're all set!

You are a WOMAN, never forget that. YOU are POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, and YOU can change the WORLD.

Let us know your favorite look for more inspiration, tips and discover Tina`s Instagram on Instagram or her website.

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