Christmas marketing tips and ideas for small businesses in 2020


How to make pre and after Sales when you are a small business owner?

While Christmas is the best time to get sales and make more revenue, it is also a time of the highest competition, big and well-known companies spend millions and millions to increase their sales.

Here are just some examples Nivea spent $100 million on marketing alone last Year.

Or a well known Online Clothing store ASOS around £55 million.

And I guess you got the point, brands are spending millions on their marketing, and this is why they WIN over a small business.

But before we are getting started, how you should advertise your small business or online store—a few things to set as your goal for 2021.

  1. Ensure that the product/service you are offering is at the best of its quality and price. Nowadays, we have many service providers and online stores, and if you make your first sale and your quality is low, you are back to zero, the hardest is always to get your very first client.
  2. As soon as you launch your product, service - invest in marketing. Small business owners tend to think that they NEED all before they get started: Website, business cards, flyers, packages, etc. In some ways, yes - you need it, but what you need is a MARKETING budget. So before you start ordering your business cards or flyers, invest this money in your marketing.
  3. Marketing is just not opening Facebook page and Instagram and wondering: "Where are my Sales? ". If you wish to do it right, start a blog, share pictures/videos such as behind the scenes stories. People buy stories. Open up Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and blog. Keyword research, SEO & join local Facebook groups.

How to make SALES as a small Business OWNER this Christmas?

As we know, Small Businesses have got the biggest hit because of the Coronavirus, and this is why getting out there ( online world) is essential.

In this article, you will find different examples and options you can do this year to save your business for 2021 & who knows, maybe even grow it bigger than before.


First, before we can serve the whole world, we need to start with our surroundings. Every business once started with something small, and this is what you need to do:


It is easy to find them: You go under the "Groups" type in San Diego Community and JOIN.

Facebook groups are a great way to send out what you do, what you are offering, etc. The best part is that sometimes you don't even need a website, leave just your contact details.

For example: Let's say you are making handmade soaps. Handmade soaps are a great idea for a gift, as sometimes we need a gift for a neighbor or a friend we do not know so well, then the handmade gift is just perfect.

Add nice pictures of your product and tell them a story:

For example:

"Hello, my name is Jessica, and I am the owner of the Bubble Handmade Soaps. This Year as many of my shops are closed down, and I would like to offer you an option to order handmade soaps for your friends and family.

They are made ............ ( add ingredients)

For those who order this week, I am happy to offer a %20 discount or extra ....

Thank you for supporting small businesses! It will keep us going.

Please get in touch with me: ( add. contact details) "

This is just one of the examples, but whichever business you have, can be advertised or connected via Facebook Local Groups. Join them today & do not miss out on this opportunity.2

2. Try our new options /service offerings. (Mainly for Restaurant/food providers)

Yes, changes can be scary, but sometimes we need to change/adjust to grow and discover something new and who knows maybe something better.

As many restaurants had to close their doors and Holidays are the busiest month for restaurant businesses as well, all the events, business parties and so on. Then having to close your doors on a high season is pretty devasting.

But here is something about how you could still make your restaurant business going. ( keep in mind it has to be in your local neighborhood)

Offering Home Dinner Set up Menu.

What is Home Dinner set up Menu?

Your restaurant could make up a package of the most popular Holiday food/s and offer that you deliver the food to their home with the setup.

This may require some logistic aspects, but at the same time, there is a high demand for service as such.

For example $500 for a delicious Christmas dinner for 4 -6 people including the following: ( your best meals, etc.)

You can offer to come and set up the tables, decorate them, etc., or even collaborate with the local Event Organizer.

Once again reach out to the people on your Local Facebook group, ask if there is any interest, connect with other Business Providers, and read/listen to their feedback?


Well if you haven't done it by now then now it is the time to do so.

No, your website doesn't have to be expensive; there are great ways to get high-quality websites and support from WIX.COM or SHOPIFY.COM.

Keep in mind that before the magic happens, you need to put the work into it. Let's say someone had discovered your products and they are trying to find you online, and there is nothing. Many small businesses used to spend their time in their physical store, and not growing their online visibility. But once again keep in mind that if you are serious about increasing your online visibility, start blogging and showing behind the scenes.

You need to understand that you are competing against big players, this is why your STORY is unique, share about your brand, who you are, what you are doing, how did you come up with the idea/product/service, and do it often.

Keep in mind the Online world has its ripple effect, and once it is there, it is THERE. That means you never know when will you get a new customer or a connection.

Extra tip: If you feel that this is the end of your business. Then switch your mind and start today working on a new way of advertising your business. Do not wait there till things get better; start working on your brand visibility today.

4. Online Advertisement - Paid ads.

Here is something you need to know before placing your online ads.

Do not advertise your service if it doesn't look right or does not have enough information. You are going to lose lots of money.

For example, if you are selling jewelry, then do not sell pictures as such:

instead, try to find ways to make it nicer and add your story with it.

For example:

Instead, use a video with better lightning or ask a friend or local photographer to help you out, if you do not know how to do it by yourself. But do not advertise something that doesn't look good. You are going just to lose lots of money for the ads without any result.

In case you are new, and dont know how to make your photos look better,

Here are just simple tips that can help you out.

  1. Use good daylight, be next to the window or in a room in your house where you have the best light.
  2. Use a light surface or simple surface, and place your jewelry on a flat - lay position
  3. Stand up on something to be higher or just lean over the table / flat lay.
  4. Use some great editing apps for free such as VSCO or Lightroom (both have a free trial available)

Extra tip: Keep on taking photos and try as many times as you can, you have nothing to lose, you can only win!


Here is what many Small business owners tend to miss is the power of Google and how you can make it work for yourself.

You can get to know a lot about what people are searching for, how to customize it for them, and how to stand out.

For example: "San Diego dinner .... "

And here is what we get what people are searching for and need for.

So as a small business owner, this can open your eyes and give you new ideas on how to adjust your service, product, and reach your potential customers.

Yes, this year has been challenging, but as a community, we need to stick together.

Use these tips to bring your business to another level & maybe in 2021 instead of closing the doors you are opening up new doors.

Happy Holidays!

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