17-Year-Old Commits Suicide Over Rape Allegations

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However, the person who accused him has taken back their words, insisting she was "kidding."

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According to Forbes.com, about 2% of men were wrongly accused of rape in America in 2019, and though the number seems small in percentages, in reality, it isn’t. The country’s total population in 2019 was about 328.3 million, and 2% of that is about 6 million. That means about 6 million people were significantly affected by lies made against them, and though some managed to pick themselves and move on, others sadly lost their lives like this young boy.

According to the school’s spokesperson Gerald Sambo, the 17-year-old was found hanging by his tie a few minutes after writing his final exam. He tricked everyone into leaving the class, including his friends and tutor, then took his life. However, he left behind a sad note detailing why he had taken such a painful decision and hoped that justice would be served in his absence. He spoke about how people had begun treating and viewing him since he was falsely accused of rape by his classmate. On top of that, he expressed his disappointment to everyone who refused to believe him, no matter how hard he tried to let people see the truth. Nonetheless, he closed the note by expressing that he wasn’t holding any grudges against anyone except the girl who accused him. 

However, once the news got to her, she told the police that she was "joking" and people should let him be. At this point, she hasn’t been arrested, but the #JusticeForBafanaSithole is trending on Twitter. You can join the initiative if you would like. Please, as women, let us not falsely accuse people just because we know we are usually viewed as victims and have an advantage. A life has been lost over something that shouldn’t have happened at all. Thank you



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