Every Time She Gives Birth She Turns Into A Monster— A Wrong Rulling Leads To Death Of An Innocent Soul Four Years Later

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A Ugandan lawyer and human activist, Francesca Amony, has been arrested for murder just three months after giving birth. However, it appears every time she delivers; she turns into a monster since this wasn't the first time she had attempted to take someone else life right after delivering. What could be the cause?

According to observer.org, Mrs. Francesca allegedly stabbed her husband, Dr. Joseph Etuk, with a kitchen knife in the late hours of October 28, 2022, at their marital home in Gulu city. However, since she has observed her right to remain silent until she represents herself in court, authorities haven’t released an official statement of what transpired, and journalists have relied on close sources.

According to hearsay, the couple got into a heated argument around 11 pm that night, and in the midst of it, Mrs. Amony pulled a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband multiple times in the chest before calling the police to report herself and then the ambulance to pick up her husband. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Dr. Joseph was pronounced dead on arrival, and though paramedics hoped to save him, things went otherwise.

Soon after, Mrs. Amony was arrested for murder, but once she was behind bars, investigators realized that she wasn’t new to the police cells. In 2017, she was arrested and charged with aggravated human assault and torture after she allegedly burnt her two house helps with a hot iron over theft allegations. She accused them of stealing 60 000 Ugandan shillings ($25) and burnt their hands, arms, and foreheads with a hot iron.

However, in her defense, she claimed that she didn’t know that an iron could be used as a deadly weapon, and she wasn’t aware it was on until she burnt them in three different places. Luckily for her, the judge only demanded that she compensate the girls in cash and cover their medical bills so she could go home and raise her then-two-month-old baby. Sadly, that decision has led to someone losing their life today. 

However, many people now think that maybe Mrs. Amony is cursed or something because every time she gives birth, she turns into a monster, while others believe she is just a monster. What do you think?

I will update you as the case unfolds.



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