She Named 6 People But Only 1 Was Sentenced— The Painful Murder Of Anene Booysen

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17-year-old Anene was found gang-raped, cut open, and dumped at a construction site. However, only one out of the six people she mentioned was sentenced. What happened to the other five.?
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Anene was born on the 30th of October 1995 and lived in Bredasdorp, South Africa. Unfortunately, her foster parents Colier Olivier and her estranged husband, were part of the poor community and struggled to make ends meet; as a result, she voluntarily dropped out of school and worked at different construction sites. However, despite the low pay, she contributed to the family bills and took care of herself.

She was described as quiet, timid, and very reserved. Many people thought this was due to her traumatic and disturbing childhood. At the age of 5, her biological mother, Chantelle, intentionally abandoned her and her two younger siblings, Annie-Marie and Reyno, while they were at school. They came back, and Chantelle was gone.

All the neighbors claimed they had seen her walking down the road but had no idea where she went. As a result, after a few days of nothing, social services intervened, but unfortunately, Annie Marie was sent a different way. However, they all stayed in contact and visited each other occasionally.

Murder and Investigation

On the 2nd of February 2013, Anene told her foster mum, Colier Olivier, that she was heading to a pub about six blocks from their home. At first, Olivier said she wasn’t worried since it was very close, and Anene knew when to be home; however, when 10 pm passed, she went after her.” She told me that she still wanted to stay. I left her and told her not to come back later than 01:00.”

That night dead drunk Olivier slept, thinking her daughter would be back, but that was never the case. Around 5 am, a neighbor woke her up to the most devastating news. Anene had been found gang-raped, cut open, and dumped at a construction site. Even though she was still alive, her chances of surviving were slim. She was quickly rushed to the hospital, where Olivier met her, and according to Olivier, the first thing she said when she saw her was, "Mama mama, help me(My mother, my mother, help me.)."

But sadly, as a mother, the situation was overwhelming for her. "I was shocked. I was not prepared for what I saw. My child’s face was all beaten up. I held her hand. She said she was tired and sore and wanted to rest. I covered her with a blanket, and that was the end."
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However, soon after, Olivier claimed that a few minutes before Anene laid to rest, she named the culprits. Amongst them was the name Zwai which the authorities quickly brushed off.

We have argued in court that not too much weight must be put on the name of Zwai ... Anene Booysen mentioned while she was in the hospital.
"We have argued that Anene Booysen was in terrible pain under the influence of alcohol and medication."

Their main reason was that the name Zwai was very popular, and many people in the area had it as a first or last name. However, in a country where corruption favors the criminal and money talks, not every name was released to the public, and only three people were arrested. Amongst them were two friends, Jonathan Davids and Johannes Kana, who was amongst the six people named Zwai.

However, Davids had an alibi, and after a few months of not pleading guilty, he was released due to a lack of evidence. This confused many people as officials had previously said they had found Anene’s blood on his trousers and scratch marks all over his body. He also claimed that Anene had mentioned his name because he had seen her with Kana that night and thought if anything happened to her, he would help with the investigation.

Even though all of that sounded very shady, Jonathan Davids and the other man were released, and Johannes Kana was the only one left to be charged and sentenced for the murder of Anene.

Witnesses started to come forward, and amongst them were her friends. They claimed that Kana had left with her that night, and they were all happy for her since she had a crush on him. However, they had no idea where they went.

Different stories from Kana

At first, Kana told a friend that once they left the pub, he took her straight home and even whistled to her mother, Olivier, to come and get her since Anene was dead drunk and needed help. However, he later changed his story.

He told one of the detectives that the two had agreed to have sex, but since he was seeing someone at the time, he couldn’t take her to his home, so they went to the construction site where she was found. But after they had stripped naked, Anene changed her mind and told him to get off. Then she slapped him out of nowhere, and he got angry and bashed her head on the ground, sexually abused her, and then left.

However, after he was sentenced, he told a different ending to the second story. Kana claimed that once he had bashed her on the ground, four men approached them, and from a distance, they spoke of how they wanted to hurt Anene. He said at first he thought of standing up for her, but after they told him they would hurt him too, he got scared and ran away and had no idea what happened next.

Family and community response

After Kana was found guilty and sentenced to two life sentences, Anene’s family said they felt robbed because five other people were still out there roaming the streets while their daughter was gone forever. On top of that, they said they didn’t believe that Kana was the culprit since he and Anene were very close and that if it were him, she would have told Olivier his real name and not Zwai.

“We just have that feeling that it wasn’t him.”

Community members also claimed that everything was not handled professionally. It took two days for the crime seen to be protected from the public, and people tampered with it over and over. To make matters worse, that was not done by their local police but by others who came from different places to help with the investigation.

His lawyer also said he believed someone threatened him to take the fall, and the culprits were probably children of very powerful people in the area.

In 2014, his family hired a private investigator to look into the case, and again, different stories emerged. Many people claimed they had seen Anene with four men at a construction site that night and that the following day those men were washing blood from a white van near a cemetery.

One of them even asked for a ride and carried a bundle of dirty clothes filled with blood and tree trunks. They also claimed that his face had multiple scratches, and when they asked him, he said they were injuries from an incident the day before and looked unsettled. However, they all claimed they did not go to the police because they would not believe them and probably tell them the culprit had been sentenced and the case closed.

To date, Kana claims he is innocent, and his family is appealing for public funds to help them continue with the fight since they have run out of money to pay the lawyers.

“There is no DNA evidence; there are no fingerprints in that place. So, I ask myself: how was I found guilty when there was nothing to support that finding?”


A few days after Anene was laid to rest, her biological father, Klaasie Speelman, was stabbed to death in a shark in his home. His girlfriend claimed two men entered their shark asking for money, and when Speelman refused, they stabbed him to death. On the other hand, Chantelle was sentenced to a few years in prison for beating her toddler to death when she was drunk.

Olivier later passed away due to breast cancer, and she still wanted justice for her daughter. That is, unfortunately, the sad case of Anene Booysen.

Do you think Johannes Kana is guilty or innocent? Personally, l think it’s a bit of both. However, l would like to hear from you.

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