Murder Or Self Defence ?—Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend To Death After He Caught Her Cheating

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A Nigerian woman has been arrested for murder after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death this past Wednesday.
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A 26-year-old single mom of three identified as Gift has been arrested for murder after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death over trust issues. According to close sources, she and Egocha (44) had only been together for a month, but things shouldn’t have happened at all —  Egocha was still a married man, and Gift knew about it; nonetheless, she still accepted him.

Speaking to the police, one witness said earlier this past Wednesday, Gift allegedly visited her other boyfriend in the same compound Egocha lived in, hoping he won’t be around, but things turned out otherwise. The two then argued for a few minutes before Gift picked up a broken bottle and stabbed him in the neck resulting in his sudden death. However, soon after, she twisted the whole thing and claimed self-defense.

According to her, all the so-called witnesses have ganged up on her because that’s not how things transpired. She said after the two argued for a few minutes, Egocha surprisingly attacked her with a machete, so she felt she had no choice but to defend herself. Nonetheless, she didn’t mean to kill him. However, all her claims have been dismissed by at least 98% of the people present.

Does that mean there is a chance the 2% might be telling the truth? I guess we will see as the case unfolds. As for now, she is still behind bars awaiting trial. What do you think about this case?


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