Man Posts Disturbing Content Two Hours After Wife Dies

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A Nigerian man has left the internet divided after sharing disturbing content following the tragic death of his wife.

Earlier this past week, the wife of popular businessman Ikechukwu Ogbonna, better known as IVD, was taken to the hospital after allegedly setting herself on fire over domestic issues. According to close sources, the two got into a heated argument after Bimbo, the wife, confronted her husband over the constant beatings she received, and a fight ensued; however, it’s unclear what set the house ablaze with her inside.

According to hearsay, soon after, Ogbonna allegedly disappeared and left his poor wife to die a painful death until a good samaritan came to her plea and took her to the A&E. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead on Saturday the 15th, and those who knew of her were heartbroken and accused him of killing her. Her sister wrote, “Bimbo is gone-Bimbo is gone-My sister is gone…IVD, you killed my only sister”.

Surprisingly, soon after that post went viral, Ogbonna suddenly appeared and portrayed himself as the victim. He posted that, even though their marriage was not perfect, he wasn’t to blame. His wife was the actual villain. In some of his videos, he showed supposed evidence of the injuries he sustained during their last encounter and videos of Bimbo allegedly destroying some of their properties which led to the fire. However, those who knew the real him were not convinced and called for his head.

Her family reported that for many years, Bimbo had repeatedly suffered at the hands of Ogbonna and not the other way around. On one occasion, in particular, he had beat her to a coma while she was eight months pregnant and almost lost her life. However, just like the rest of us, she took him back once he came apologizing and promised to change. However, he did otherwise.

As it stands, nothing has been done, and Ogbonna is still a free man; however, he has taken down all his posts, including ones before his wife died. What do you think that symbolizes?


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