Man Goes Viral After Telling Wife He Is Tired Of Buying Diapers

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Nowadays, many people are excited about having kids, but only a few are ready for the responsibility that comes with it.

A Nigerian man has gone viral after telling his wife he is tired of buying diapers and is on the verge of giving up. In a short Tiktok clip, he can be seen shouting and demanding she uses one per day or else he is not buying anymore. He emphasizes that in a short period, he has spent a lot of money on them more than anything, and it’s beginning to affect their finances and get on his nerves. He tells her that if she continues operating as she has been, they won’t have enough to put food on the table, and everyone will go hungry. 

Shockingly, despite her explaining she has no control over nature, and how much the baby poops, he doesn’t seem to care. He sticks to his words.

"I don’t tire. It’s 68 in a pack, so it’s one per day. How can a baby use three pampers a day? What is he eating? If he is pooping a lot, give him food once a day. I have said my peace. I am not buying anymore for the next two to three months.” Astonished, the woman asks for people’s opinions. 

@Fikayomi Bright commented, "It’s not possible oo! My baby dey use 120 pieces for three weeks." Another commented, " I change my baby five times a day, so guy, chill." @ Ajumoke Lola said, "strong message to the upcoming fathers."

What's your take on this?


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