After Being Married 11 Times And Engaged 28, Woman Says The Search For Mr. Right Continues

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For many people, being married and divorced more than twice might signify that marriage is not for them after all, but for 53-year-old Monette Dias, it seems it’s just a trial and error.

In a new TV series by TLC, the 53-year-old shocked the internet after revealing that she has been married 11 times and engaged 28. According to her, though from a very young age, it had always been her dream to settle down and build a beautiful home — like the one she had with her parents — she never thought it would be easier said than done.

In an interview with, Monette narrated her tragedy. According to her, it all began after her father suddenly died in a car accident while she was in high school.

“My dad was the person who protected me. He was always there. He was the anchor in my life. When I lost him, I… kept trying to fill that hole by finding someone who could take the pain away.”

However, after 11 failed marriages, the Utah interior designer has accepted that maybe she is fighting a lost battle—no one will ever replace her dad.

Apart from that, she said she had no choice but to get married so she could be intimate with her partners in line with her strict Mormon beliefs.

‘Intimacy was a big driving force for me, and so once I was with someone, and we got to that point [of having sex], it was like, we got to get married, or we have to break up. So it was usually marriage.”

However, she dismisses internet claims that that was the sole reason behind her tying the knot — insisting she loved all her husbands. “In all those marriages, I truly believed this one’s the one.”

To the haters on the internet, Monette had one thing to say “I can’t change the stupid things that I did, the dumb things that I thought … but I can change my future. I can change my relationships, and I can help people who are in a place where it feels so dark that nobody cares because I’ve been there.”

“I might not have got the marriage thing right, but I got the mom thing right, and that’s the most important thing to me.”

In her book Too Many EXclamation Points!!” she talks in depth about her childhood and why all her marriages failed. She also sheds light on some red flags that people usually ignore, especially at the beginning of the relationship, and why addressing them as they come is essential. While she continues with some soul searching, she says her search for Mr. Right still hasn't ended.

"Even though I've been married 11 times, I don't think I could ever give up on love. 'I've been through this much. If I quit now, why?'


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