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Woman Arrested For Murder After A Patrol Officer Stops Her For Speeding

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On the night of July 28th, 2021, 33-year-old Nicole Johnson was pulled over for speeding, but police ended up finding more.
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Nicole M Johnson was a 33-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland. She was the eldest sister to Dachelle Johnson, who had two kids, Joshlyn Johnson(7) and Larry O’Neal III (5).

Unfortunately, both dads were in prison, and Dachelle struggled to make ends meet. As a result, she asked Nicole to take care of them until she was financially stable, but unfortunately, that day never came.

On the night of July 28th,2021, at around 11 pm, a patrol officer found their decomposing bodies at the back of Nicole’s trunk. She had been driving around with her niece’s decomposing body for over a year and her nephew for two months.

Speaking to the police, Nicole said both deaths were not intentional. According to her, a few months after she collected the kids in 2019, she started having anger problems but didn’t understand why — however, she never looked for help. Then one day, she got angry with Joshyln and hit her on the head, and she fell and died. But, she refused to explain how the little boy had died.

Rebating her statement, officers said the autopsy results showed clear signs of long-term abuse and that both kids were malnourished. They both weighed weigh less than their peers. At seven years old, Joshyln only weighed 18 pounds and Larry twenty-one.

Nicole was then charged with multiple counts of neglect, child abuse, and failing to report the deaths to authorities.

However, the officer who pulled her over said Nicole seemed proud of her deeds and showed no remorse.“It don’t matter; I won’t be here in five days. Y’all going to see me on the news making my big debut.”

How the officer found the bodies

According to the Baltimore police, once Nicole was pulled over, the officer found that she had no license, no insurance, and her tags were fake — so he asked her to remove her belongings to tow the car. It was then that a foul smell oozed from it, and he demanded her to open the trunk.

Inside was a big black trash bag full of maggots and tiny human pieces, which she first claimed were old rotten blankets. On top of that was a small suitcase with Larry’s decomposing body. She was then arrested and taken to custody.

However, the children’s mother, Dachelle, claims that on many occasions, she had tried to see her kids after dropping them off in 2019, but Nicole had excuses. And she didn’t know they were no longer alive until she saw it on the news.

However, according to the paternal grandmother of the kids, she should also be arrested because she has allegedly taken advantage of the situation and opened three GoFundMe to exploit the masses — despite someone paying all the funeral expenses. To date, she has made between 30 to 50 thousand dollars.

As it stands, the police are still looking into the case. l will update you as it goes. But they believe that “ due to the nature of the case, it will take time to determine the exact circumstances that led to the children’s deaths.”

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