Fake Reverend Sister Arrested For Child Trafficking And 15 Rescued

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On the 3rd of September 2022, Nigerian police arrested 44-year-old Mauren Wechinwu after getting tipped that she disguised herself in Nun clothing while doing devil’s work.

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According to childvoice.org, about one million people are trafficked in Nigeria each year, and sadly 60% are women and children. Unfortunately, with people like Mauren, who disguise themselves as mother Teresas, they might be far from ending it.

According to the Nigerian state commissioner, Friday Eboka, on September 3, 2022, Operation Restore Peace stormed her house and rescued 15 children. However, during her interrogation, she denied all allegations and claimed she was doing God’s work.

“I am of the Ladies of Victory Missionary Sisters. It is in England, a Foreign Congregation. I am the only Nigerian in it. I run an orphanage with children of mad people. Fransisca Onyinyechi, who was given birth to by a mad woman, is one of them.”

However, her statement later changed a bit. “I cannot say I am a reverend sister now that I am a disgrace. But I believe I was before now. Some of the children are mad people’s children. The others are brought to me by one Mr. Victor.” whom she claims she does not know his whereabouts.

“Sometimes he comes with them in twos and demands money. But due to the pressure on me, sometimes I give N50,000,($114) N60,000, and N100,000.” Sometimes, one Miss Alice brought two to me. Alice said since I am a beginner, I should take them.”

With her statements occasionally changing, the investigation began and later revealed these facts.

“Prosper Godwin (m) was abducted at Ikpazasia market in Bayelsa State on 31/10/2020, together with two others whom he does not know their whereabouts, and was taken to the suspect. Later, he was sold to a woman in Lagos and subsequently returned to the suspect. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Ododor, have been contacted, and they corroborated the statement of the child.”

“Queen Harry (f) was abducted at Ojukwu filed Mile at about 1900hrs while on an errand with the elder sister. Her mother, Mrs. Florence, said, “I sent her to go to the market where they sell bole. I usually send her to go there to get yam peels for our goats. She and her elder sister went. When they got there, one man sent her elder on an errand, but as she returned from the errand, she could not find her again. She returned to the house but could not find her. Since then, we have been looking for her.”

One parent also narrated her ordeal, “My child got missing on April 22, 2022. He is an 8-year-old boy. I have been moving around from church to church. I even went to Okporo Police station to give reports. I am very happy. When he saw me, he was very happy, shouting Mummy and everybody in our compound shouted when the police brought him. I went out, and when I returned, I did not see my child till night. I searched for him all around.”

As the case stands, Mauren is awaiting her trial, and Nigerian Police are still waiting for more parents to identify their children.





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