Murdered On Her Doorstep—The Brutal Killing Of Constable Nisha Patel Nasri

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Friends and family were left baffled after learning that the painful death of special constable Nisha Patel Nasri was organized by none other than her husband, Fadi. The question was, why?
Fadi & Nisha on their wedding


Beautiful Constable Nisha was a 29-year-old Indian British woman married to a 33-year-old Fadi Nasri. She worked as a special constable in the Metropolitan, Wembley, London.

As a part-time hustle, she ran a saloon business with thousands of regular customers, and together with her husband, they ran a limousine car hire. Those who personally knew the couple defined them to be the Romeo and Juliet of the town. They openly conveyed their love without minding what people would say. Someone said they envied what they had.

It was the kind of love that made one know they are loved. So what could have led her husband to plan for her vicious demise?

Day of the murder.

On the 11th of May 2006, Constable Patel was home alone after happily celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary with her husband, who had left shortly after dinner to play snooker with his friend.

Patel took a bath and prepared for bed. As soon as she put on her evening gown, she heard a noise coming from downstairs in the kitchen area. Presuming to be her husband, she yelled his name, but there was no answer.

Scared but courageous, the special constable headed downstairs, where she met a man covered with a balaclava carrying one of her kitchen knives. She knew her life was in danger. Without any reluctance and a word, the man stabbed her. She leaped outside, yelling for help, before collapsing on the pavement.

Neighbors came out, and a few saw a heavily built man wearing a black hoodie running away from the crime scene. Who was it, and what did he have against the Constable.? Police were called, and within a few minutes, they arrived.

Her young brother, who stayed a few doors from her house, was also called. He expressed that seeing how much blood she had lost, he knew she wouldn't make it.

One of the police officers phoned her husband to inform him of the incident. In the twinkling of an eye, he arrived. Seeing his wife on the flow battling for her dear life seemed to be one of the hardest things for him. Patel was rushed to Northwick hospital, and after 30 minutes of admission, she was announced dead. Everybody who knew the constable was affected, including the police; she was one of their own.


The following day the circumstances surrounding her death were all over the news, and police began thoroughly assessing the crime scene. After looking at the house, they concluded no sign of forced entry. Money was found spread out on the couch, and nothing else was missing except a John Lewis kitchen knife. It was evident that this was not a burglary gone wrong but an attack solely aimed at the constable.

With that in mind, police officers began knocking door by door, searching for witnesses. One lady shared that while taking a walk that night, a thick-set man-probably Afro-Carribian- had come running towards her from the direction of the crime scene with a black hoodie up.

The other two witnesses described seeing a similar figure loitering around the area before the attack. He had passed their car twice before heading to Patel's house, and after a few minutes, they heard her screaming for help.

With those testimonies, the police headed back to Nisha's house. Patel's younger brother Ketan also shared that five days before his sister was murdered, two men had tried to break into her house using a crowbar to force the door lock to open. When they failed, they left. When asked for their description, one of them flawlessly corresponded to other witnesses.

Her husband, Fadi Nasri, also shared that one of the house keys was missing, and police assumed it might have been the one they used this time around since there was no forced entry. If so, how did they get hold of the key?

Possible Suspect Number One

The day after the murder, Nisha's husband drove to the police station to give his possible suspect. He gave the leading investigations team messages and recorded phone calls from an angry woman with whom they had done a limousine business deal, but failing to adhere to the agreement had forced Fadi to drive to Scotland and repossess the car in her absence.

It appears that after the woman had returned home and realized the vehicle was gone, she knew they wouldn't be any other person apart from the owners who would have collected it. Out of anger, she called Fadi, threatening him and his wife's life to bring back the car. With that kind of motive, police officers were convinced it might be her, but she was ruled out after investigations.

With the knife still missing and forensics taken from the house not yielding any promising results, the police asked husband Fedi Nasri and her brother Ketan to make a public appeal, and they both agreed.

On the 14th of May, the grieving husband appeared distraught on television, pleading for anyone who had any information to come forward but to no avail. However, some public members were quick to judge his behavior, and many suspected that, like Chris Watts, he was putting on a show, but some acknowledged that people grieve differently. Who was right? Time would tell.

The police proceeded to search everywhere possible for the murder weapon- including dustbins, gardens, railway embankments, and any suspicious places.

After over two weeks of searching and at the point of giving up, the knife was found inside the drain on Harrowdene Road, a bit far from Nisha's house. The knife's discovery was kept a secret from the public and the media. Only two people besides the police were told, Fadi and her younger brother Ketan.

The forensic tests were conducted; disappointingly, the only fingerprints found were for Nisha and her old friend who had visited some weeks ago. Police were now losing hope, but then something came up.

There was a Cctv closer to the drain where the knife was found. They managed to get hold of the footage. While browsing through, they came across a silver Audi Car, which appeared to have stopped for a few seconds near the drain before leaving. To the police, that looked suspicious, and the tracking down of the car began.

With thousands of similar cars driven that day, it was not easy to locate the vehicle. However, two things made it stand out from the rest it had an aerial at the roof, and one of the black rear lights was not working.

Possible Suspect Number Two

Police had collected Fadi's phone to transcribe the call from the Scotland woman. While snooping through his gallery, they came across disturbing pictures of him with another woman. He was brought in for questioning, and at first, he denied having an affair. In his own words, "l loved Nisha and would never do that to her."

He left the station and went home. Later that night, he called one of the police officers and came clean. He was seeing a Lithuanian prostitute Laura Mockiene.

Over the past years, we have seen how far married men are willing to go to please the mistress, and with him leaving a double life, he could not be ruled out as a suspect anymore. As they dug deep into his gallery, evidence proved that his affair was not a one-time fling but something he had invested time and money in.

A week before his wife’s murder, he had taken his side chic on a secret holiday in Egypt but told his family he was visiting a sick uncle in Cairo. News of his affair was a blow to his relationship with his inlaws. One commented:

"l felt for him when his wife died because l thought he had lost everything, but now l see he had lost nothing. He had another life that we did not know about".

Angry about his infidelity, the family began opening up about his odd behavior ever since the murder. Fadi received frequent phone calls that he always answered away from everyone and had been seen cutting numerous sim cards down the drain.

He also complained that if the police looked deeper into his phone, they would find contacts of well-known gang criminals he would have to answer for.

With that information, the police went through his phone logs on the day of the murder. His fears became a reality. They obtained frequent contact between him and a well-known drug dealer named Roger Leslie. Digging deeper into the calls, they realized that a third number had also been in regular contact that night with another famous criminal, Tony Emanuel. There was no doubt in their minds that all three men were involved.

On December 6, Roger Leslie and Tony Emanuel ( owner of the silver Audi) were arrested. During the interrogations, they both denied being involved.

Police began to dig into Fadi Nasri's past and shockingly found he ran a brothel agency called Seventh Heaven in a one-bedroom flat. His late wife knew about it but had convinced him to stop and join her on the limousine car hire suppliers instead, to which he agreed.

However, he had not contributed a single cent towards it either towards the £400,000 mansion they both lived in. It had all come from Constable Patel. So what was his use in her life?
Jason JonesMyLondon news

The arrest of Fadi Nasri and Jason Jones.

A few days after his counterparts, police brought in Fadi for questioning. He didn't deny or agree to his involvement; instead, he broke down and wept to each question. All he said was, "l know what this is all about, but l can't tell you now."

Tony Emmanuel was unwilling to go down for something he didn't do in the other room, so he decided to spill out all the beans. He requested a pen and paper and wrote a short statement expressing that on the night of the murder, he was only hired as a driver for a man named Jason Jones-whose physic perfectly matched the description of the witnesses — who had gone inside Patel's house to carry out a drug transaction.

Upon his return, he didn't stop talking about money scattered on top of the couch. Police knowing they never shared that information with anyone, they had found the criminal, whose name was already prominently known among the police with 75 convictions, including violence.

The police now concluded they had a complete picture of the circus. Fadi had hired Roger to kill his wife, and he had hired Jason Jones to do it on his behalf, and Emanuel was to be his chauffeur that night. On January 26, Jason Jones was arrested and charged with murder.
Roger LeslieMyLondon news

Fadi's Motive In Killing Nisha

While looking at the possible motives, police discovered that the couple was in outstanding debt, and a few weeks before the murder, Nasri had taken 350 000 life insurance for Nisha. Apart from this, since they were legally married, he would inherit the limo business and their expensive residence and continue his affair with his mistress, whom he had already secretly moved in with to her apartment. He had also provided the killers with the keys knowing she was alone that night.


On February 20, all four-man attended their trial at Old Bailey Criminal court. With the evidence placed in front of them, all four knew there was no chance if they tried to challenge it.

The judge concluded that Fadi had provided the killers with a set of keys, knowing she was vulnerable that night. There was a significant degree of planning and premeditation. That night she was vulnerable."

It was a "gross abuse of the trust he owed her as her husband," said the prosecution.

On May 28, 2008, the jury gave its verdict. Fadi Nasri was found guilty of the murder of his wife and sentenced to life in prison with three of his counterparts. Emanuel was pardoned as the jury believed he was a driver and didn't know anything about the murder.


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