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Mother Arrested For The Brutal Murder Of Her Son Few Hours After Reporting Him Missing

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On July 12 this year, the lifeless body of two-year-old Ezekiel Harry was found stuffed in a duffle bag and dumped in a trash can approximately six hours after being reported missing. Sadly, an autopsy result would later reveal more disturbing details.

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On July 12, 2022, a 28-year-old single mom of four, Maya Jones, called 911 and reported her son missing. According to her, she and her three other kids had been walking along Bayou Terrebonne when suddenly a man in a grey pickup truck grabbed her infant carrier she had just put down to attend to her other kids and drove away.

As if that was not concerning enough, Maya also claimed that despite screaming out for help, nobody came to her aid, and she rushed to the nearest house and asked to use their phone to call the police. However, despite them being suspicious of the whole story, they headed out, and the search began.

Neighbors also came out to help, but after hours of searching, there was no sign of the mystery man or the baby, and the police decided to look internally. As the sun set, they asked neighbors about Maya, and her boyfriend Traimane, who wasn't there during the search or the "abduction", and most had nothing to say since the pair had recently moved in two months back and hardly interacted with anyone except for one — Sarah Plaisance.

According to her, though she had initially seen Maya carrying the infant bag that day, she felt that something was off with her demeanor and that the bag was probably empty. On top of that, Sarah told the police that on many occasions, she had heard Maya and the children screaming as if Traimane was hurting them, but whenever she called the police to do a welfare check, they ruled that everything was ok and no one was in danger — despite Maya with evident bruises on her face and arms.

However, when they asked her to confirm, Maya said they were little arguments that didn't need the police involved. However, she was clearly lying as the evidence spoke for itself and the screams never stopped.

According to Sarah, they were so loud and excruciating to the point that they began affecting her mental health. Sometimes she would just find herself crying along with them or desperately searching for something to close her ears so she wouldn't hear anything.

With that information, the following day, the search continued, but this time, the police concentrated on the surveillance footage within the area, and once they viewed it, they were beyond shocked. Not only did it confirm what the neighbor had said, but it also revealed that Maya and Traimane had left their home earlier that morning with a black duffle bag and returned with nothing a few hours later. The police then knew their instincts were right from the beginning.

The two were then arrested, and just like the rest of these evil people, they tried to worm themselves out of it, claiming they didn't hurt the baby in any way. However, after hours of interrogation, Maya curved in and told the police where they could find her son's remains.

Later that day, at 6 pm, the remains of Ezekiel Harry were collected in a garbage bin just two streets away from the Houma police station. However, once the autopsy was done, it was revealed that he had died from blunt force trauma to the head and had many signs of long-term abuse. Her other kids were taken back to their father, Trey Harry, who expressed that he was just trying to stay strong for her kids, but the pain was unbearable.

Some of the neighbors later came out and said they had last seen the baby playing outside on July 8th and that on many occasions, they had also tried to involve child services but to no avail. Sadly as it seems, not only was the child failed by his mother but the system as well. Police later revealed that Robinson had previously saved for child abuse, but they don't know if Maya was aware of it.

Both will be tried on November 14 for first-degree murder, and their bonds are set at $5.1 million each. I hope justice will be saved, and little Ezikiel will rest in peace. I will keep you updated.

This is the Gofundme page for the family if you want to help in any way. Thank you



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