What Behaviors Do Confident People Have that You Don't? (Opinion)

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Confident people have a quiet intangible self-assuredness you can sense.

Confident people are either faking it until they make it or they are actually confident because they know they can handle what life throws at them.

The more you know the less you know and confident people don't over sell a bag of tomatoes to ketchup farmer, they just catch up.

You can sense confidence by the way they carry themselves. Their confidence is the manifestation of confidence itself. You don't have to be a CEO or president to be confident. You just need to believe in yourself. You just don't care what others think. You just do what you do.

With confident people, you can just feel their swag in the air. You can sense it in how they remain calm and focused and don't fall victim to the chaos and stress and emotional outbursts that happen to unconfident people of every day life.

Confident people don’t brag.

They just do the work. They build the skills and the expertise and the relationships and they do it through self-belief.

Confident people live in the constant virtue of excellence.

By knowing you can't grow confidence without suffering, you realize any adversity only grows your ability to be confident in the future.

Confident people are either faking it or being it. Authentic confidence enjoys the people and friends and lifestyle and work they embrace.

Confidence is authentic when you can simply see all of it yourself without the fear of judgement or changing who you actually are.

Not desperate for anyone’s acknowledgment or approval.

Confident people know that not everyone will like them, so it’s not in their nature to change themselves just to please others.

Authentic confidence is being able to speak your mind freely and also listen freely without feeling the need to be right every second of every day. By needing to be right, you are faking confidence.

Playing fair.

Although there are some confident people who might step on someone just to get ahead of them, the majority of confident people don’t need to use such unethical tactics to reach their goals because they know they're live in integrity. Integrity is what draws people in. If you can't trust someone, how can you build something of value?

Being respectful.

You don’t have to put others down to elevate your status. If you have to constantly create a hierarchy through the perception of status, you are most likely very insecure and power hungry for the very reason you need status and power; because you feel like nothing without them.

Confident New Yorkeres already know their self-worth and will never make someone else feel worthless, either.

They are charming and charismatic.

Charisma can be either used for good or evil. Truly confident people don't use charimsa to treat people as a means to end. If everyone did that, we'd have no society to enjoy because we'd live in a society of narcissists.

It’s not that they necessarily look like supermodels cropped out of fashion magazines. Rather, they have an alluring personality that makes them very pleasant to talk to.

Acknowledging someone’s effort/job done well.

Confident people understand the importance of praising someone when they deserve it. Non-confident people refuse to give respect and love where love and respect are due. Non-confident people point fingers, blame, and complain about everyone else not doing their job.

Donald Trump is a great example of someone that acts confident but lives out of fear of not having the status associated with his material success. Most politicians are in politics because they need the status of looking important rather than being important in meaningful ways to the people they serve.

Giving themselves a chance.

Confident people don’t beat themselves up about the mistakes and missteps they make in life. Rather than harshly criticize and insult themselves after every failure and mistake, they pick themselves up and keep trying until they succeed.

Working on themselves is their lifelong priority.

Confident people greatly value self-improvement and the struggle self-improvement provides. No chosen path of greatness is ever without obstacles, challenges, and adversity.

Confident people accept the path of suffering and choose happiness in the face of it instead of wallowing in it. Confident New Yorkers know there are a million things to do, but often sacrifice their dopamine to make themselves a better version of themselves in one way or the other.

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