6 Ways To Quit Your Job Sooner

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Getting rich and quitting your job isn't just about making more money. It's saving, investing, and learning how to cover your monthly expenses through strategic investing and passive income risk-taking so you can quit your job for good.

Do you want to be the rat or the fox (or is that a lynx)?

Because if success and being free from work was easy, everyone could do it.

Let's get started.

1. Build passive income and virtue simultaneously.

If you spend $3,000 a month on living, you must find a way to invest and create enough passive income streams to cover those expenses after taxes.

The less you spend, the sooner you can stop working (if you know how to invest).

If you buy $10 lattes daily, you are casting a vote to help Starbuck's bottom line, not yours.

If you invest money in passive income streams daily or weekly, you're voting to be free from working ever again.

If you build a side hustle daily, you cast a vote to improve your cash flow and increase your capacity for risk-taking on passive income streams.

Most dreams fail because you don't know how to cast a vote and build the discipline for freedom daily.

2. Put up intentional reps.

In one story in the book Atomic Habits, James Clear writes about a photography professor who split his class into two groups. One side of the class would be graded on the quantity of the 100 pictures they liked the most by the end of the semester. The other would be graded on quality by only turning in one picture which will be their grade for the entire semester.

Which test group do you think made better photos?

Yes, the quantity group.

This group was more intentional about taking more pictures. They got thousands of reps rather than waiting for the perfect shot.

3. Challenge your budgeting and investing framework.

Why do you need fancy things when you could invest in the businesses that make those fancy things?

Buy stock in a company rather than the products of that company.

Constantly challenge your investing and budgeting style to find new ideas, passive income ideas, and side hustles to save money and quit your job quicker.

Find the best passive income streams here for 2023.

4. Build Meta.

Exercising, reading, getting eight or more hours of sleep, trying cold tubs, going to therapy, listening to music that moves you, and meditating are examples of meta routines you can do daily that positively affect every part of your life.

Going meta will eventually help you with depression, productivity, sadness, anxiety, and overcoming negative environments you can't always control.

5. Have a vision, but stay in your tunnel.

Know the mountain range you want to keep climbing up and down, but don't get lost looking into the horizon for too long.

To climb any mountain range for the next decade, you'll need to keep your feet moving and have tunnel vision with your daily process.

You can improve your chances of habit building and tunnel vision by 300% by just having more clarity (what, when, where) in your daily plan.

6. Develop mastery this way.

You don’t have to be the victim of your work environment, but rather, you can be the architect and mastermind of it.

Most of us get spread too thin trying to master more skills than we should.

Pick one thing you want to do really, really, really well this year.

You can make $1000 a day doing three dirty side hustles a day like outdoor home window cleaning, driveway sealing, gutter cleaning, and HVAC work. If you worked 20 days a month, you'd be making 20k a month.

If you need to make more money, master a new skill in the dirty side hustle game.

If you need to save more money, master budgeting.

If you need to try investing in new passive income streams, master passive income websites like Prosper, Fundrise, or Masterworks.

Don’t walk the journey blindly only to reach an outcome that doesn't make you free.

Mastering your journey creates who you'll become.

Good luck out there,

Mr. Mullet

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