10 Unwritten Rules the American Society Doesn't Know Anymore

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10 Unwritten Rules the American Society Doesn't Know Anymore

Regardless of your Newsbreak political affiliation, here are the unwritten rules American society has forgotten.

  • Americans fake smiles all the time. A genuine smile is always seen in the wrinkles near the corners of your eyes. The crow’s feet, as we call them, are one of the only real signs Dr. Paul Ekman found that demonstrate true happiness. Stick with those people that have crow's feet or the people that make you use yours.
  • Most Americans love to be busy, make that cash, or die trying (literally, we are the most unhealthy, medicated, and violent society on Earth). Instead, love (or just take care) of yourself first so you can love your kid, your spouse, your boss, your startup, your habits, your hobbies, or whatever it is that brings meaning to you more fully.
  • Americans interrupt people all the time with superficial questions. "Hey, what do you do for work?" isn't a good question. It's a dumb question that allows you to judge your self-worth through a comparison value you hold for needing higher self-esteem.
  • Say "please" and "thank you." Americans have stopped opening doors, stopped being kind to strangers, and using polite language with one another. Our grandparents must be rolling in their graves as we've forgotten the small gestures that show respect and gratitude. Whether you're asking for something or receiving it, always use kind words.
  • Americans are getting more like Europeans in regard to respecting personal space. Everyone has a personal bubble, and it's important to respect it. Don't stand too close to people you don't know; give them space to move around comfortably and breathe their polluted air.
  • Don't talk with your mouth full silly.
  • Keep your phone on silent in public, and put your phone away when you're eating or spending time with people you care about. The American world might want to think about our complete lack of ability to communicate nicely or make progress with each other might happen because we sit at the same table and talk by text.
  • You aren't special because you drive a nice car, have an awesome home, or are talented at what you do. You might be rich because you turned your talent into value or skill for the world around you, but do people actually admire you? Most Americans want fake admiration for the things they own, not the values and people they help. If we all compare our things to the other person's things, if we all measure the size and collection of our nuts by the length and size of other people's nuts-- you get a society that's nuts (*See Rule #2).
  • We stopped holding doors open for others. It's a nice gesture to hold the door open for others. It shows consideration and respect for those around you. Millennials suck at this, they don't even know what a door-opening unwritten rule should be because their parents coddled them and gave them everything they ever wanted and then expected them to get perfect grades.
  • Be nice to people. Just read these comments, and you'll see we've forgotten how to be nice to each other.

This article on the 10 Unwritten Rules the American Society Doesn't Know Anymore was adapted from my experiences of living abroad for 14 years.

Good luck out there.

Mr. Mullet

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PPS. 10 Unwritten Rules the American Society Doesn't Know Anymore IS a subjective opinion.

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