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Why the Golden State Warriors Win NBA Finals

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Why the Golden State Warriors Win the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are over if the X-Factors for the Warriors continue to step up.

In competitive sports, trust is earned, not given.

Wiggins will continue to earn the trust of his teammates.

That’s my prediction and I know I could be wrong, I mean, the Celtics are a wily, stubborn, and athletic bunch of guys. Horford himself might throw my Wiggins hypothesis against the wall like a shit sandwich. Still, I love the fact that Ime is leading them and holding their youth movement accountable, yet, home-court advantage is always real when you need it most and they already lost it.

Will the Warriors give mess up enough to give up their home court advantage again?

I believe not.

So far, the Celtics gave up their home-court advantage on a Curry outburst and the Warriors have shown they can string two wins in a row. Unless the Celtics come out and control Steph like they did last game and also show they can play better offensively, this series is over.

Here are four reasons the Golden State Warriors win the NBA Finals:

  1. Steph Curry usually doesn’t have two poor shooting nights back to back and he just played his worst game of the NBA Finals. I look for him to have another aggressive game in Boston.
  2. Jayson Tatum played his best game of the NBA Finals and isn’t strong enough (yet) to finish or make plays through the Warrior’s physicality and contact. He reminds me of a young MJ trying to figure out how to finish and play through contact against the Bad Boys (hint, hire a robust strength/conditioning coach for your offseason work).
  3. Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins are playing better and better, finding ways to impact the game without scoring, and more importantly, finding ways to create space for their shots or finish drives.
  4. The two X-factors for the Warriors are Andrew Wiggins/Draymond Green and Al Horford/Marcus Smart for the Celtics. Both sides want to win, but Draymond/Wiggins tandem has more experience and Wiggins wants to prove he can win with a team that’s helping him find his way. Wiggins is insanely athletic, fast, can switch and guard one through five, and both are rebounding at a very high clip. My NBA sources that played with Wiggins in the NBA say he’s one of the smartest, most unselfish, athletic, and high-character guys there is. This is who you want on your team when things go bad and you need a stop or a second chance bucket.

Why? Well, experience in the NBA Playoffs matters.

I mean, we all know it, but how does it look in real-time?

Whether it’s the NCAA tournament or the Euroleague…

Experience wins NBA games because it doesn’t:

Force the action.

Make turnovers when there should be shots.

Force bad shots when there should be better, feet-set shots.

Is that why you see Tatum and Smart turn it over?

Is that why you see Brown struggle to make and take the right shots at times?

Is that why Draymond can get under their skin?

In real-time, it’s also why Jordan Poole’s scoring average is almost seven points less. He just doesn’t have the strength or experience to do what he did in the regular season and that’s not a knock on him — or the Celtics, they’re just younger and less experienced and everyone can switch every damn screen most of the time.

Wiggins has been around longer and is just as athletic as Tatum and Brown.

Draymond has more championship appearances than Horford.

I won’t even talk about Steph and Klay, we all know what they are capable of and where they’ve been, even if Klay is a half-step slower because of his two-year hiatus from the NBA after season-ending injuries.

Regardless, I love the NBA Finals competition. I love the grind and drive these two teams play with and I hope it goes to Game Seven because I miss those NBA days when teams fought and scraped and new unlikely underdog heroes emerge to take their championship throne.

I can tell you there is nothing better than winning a chip at any level — collegiately or overseas professionally.

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