Love Notes for Him and Her

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Love Notes for Him and Her

You will not always know love the same way you do now. The face of it will change. The contours and cracks and crevices will deepen. The nature of it will blow open the dusty corners of a book you haven’t been willing to read. It will beckon you closer to the infinite reminder that you alone carry a precious, magical pendant around your neck.

This kind of love will unlock deeper goodness inside you.

No, this love isn’t perfect, nor is it pretending to be. It knows who it is, what it deserves, and how it feels about the soul of the person it chooses day after day. This love can be vulnerable, afraid, and maybe uncertain about the future, but more than anything, it’s as soft and tender as it is unwavering.

“You deserve to feel the same love you give.” — Jaqueline Whitney

Love isn’t a linear experience. It’s an unwritten understanding you’ll both walk into a maze, jig then jag, get lost, and let go of fixating on a future outcome. You’ll both agree to spurn the ghosts that come screaming —  and continue walking into the unknown together. You’ll gently hold their hand and remind them of your strength and power; that our happiness hides in the shadows of the light we choose to create.

The enriching memories we make within this love will outweigh the independence we feel of always going it alone. A wise person once said, “Alone, you’ll go fast, but together, you’ll go far.”

And this kind of love knows even more, that when you look over the canyons and mountains and horizons of your past, you’ll finally perceive how far and deep you’ve decided to go.

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