June 2021: 5 Pieces of Life Advice for Men

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May 2021: 5 Pieces of Life Advice for Men
  1. Say no more often. James Clear breaks this yes/no dilemma down pretty well. Every time you say “yes,” to someone or something outside your scope of mastery/purpose/startup/passion, you’re giving your time to something in the future or present that takes time/energy/focus away from the very thing you should be doing if you want to succeed. Whew, that was a mouthful.

2. Learn to deal with and find the optimal level of hassle. With anything you do, or want to be great at doing, there is a certain amount of hassle one must do to find greatness. Every pro basketball player has to do work they might view as a hassle. Weight room workouts. Grueling runs. Getting up and making 1000 jump shots a day. Startups have bad customers, leadership arguments, and employees that have rotten days (or months). Dealing with pain, suffering, and hassle is always part of the process. If you can change your mindset to a growth mindset and find the empathy and positivity to keep you and your team moving forward, you will eventually get where you want to go. Pain is the price you sometimes pay for admission to others (and yourself) finding more value in what you do. Aka — getting paid.

3. “You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you. Your call.” — James Clear

4. The world will forget your mess-ups, mistakes, failures, embarrassing failures, but a better question is: will you? Those who learn to fail fast and often are the ones that often succeed at building a life with the optimal amount of hassle, freedom, and balance.

5. If you could write out what your best self looks like by the end of the year, what would that person look like, feel like, be doing daily, and how much time would you have invested daily in making your dreams/passions a reality

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