Is Your Authentic Self Dead?

Mr. Mullet

Is Your Authentic Self Dead? by Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash

“Dang, where is my hair going?” I ask myself this morning, plodding my fingers through my thinning, backward mullet. My life is probably halfway done. I can get oddly existential on days like this, where I want to meditate on the things and ways and places I’ve been.

But why?

Why do I care?

The days are coming shorter and faster and slower and quicker all in the same way. Like a cloud that evolves into a bunny shape and then a dragon seconds later.

This is life and it changes as fast as my mood.

Our desired destinations or goals are hundreds of miles away yet the choices that get us there are milliseconds from now.

I pretend to know things and want to know more, but the dream of being cultured or intelligent or wise or fit or wealthy is nothing more than where I let my next moment go or millisecond take me. And then the one after that. And that.

And that.

Am I aware of this moment?

Do I want it to go there?

To that bag of Doritos?

To that unhealthy pint of Ben and Jerry’s?

To that work email?

Away from my lovers or friends or meaningful work?

My moments escape me too often. They are like cockroaches, those neverending black crunchy ideas and moods and thoughts that stick to the backs of our minds like roadmaps to another place we don’t want to end up.




But these cockroaches never die.

These shiny blacks crawl and scatter at the loud sounds and explosions of our lives only to silently come back again, voraciously eating our dreams, goals, and moments like the egos they are.

We must constantly be aware of the things eating us from the inside.

The first step towards change is self-awareness.

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