Live a Happy Life: 9 Ways to Be Happier Daily

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Live a Happy Life: 9 Ways to Be Happier Daily

And why happiness or a happy life (or wife) starts from the inside out

Live a Happy Life: 9 Ways to Be Happier Daily

You want to know something I’ve always wondered about — why the notion of finding happiness is always about getting to a certain destination in your life?

I know one thing, being happy takes hard, consistent work on understanding, creating, and connecting to the deepest parts of me.

1. 40% of happiness is yours to work towards.

Yet, everyone has a different definition of hard work. My interpretation of hard work is in doing the daily, meaningful acts inside the areas of life that interest you the most. This is a simple way to get happier. Do what truly interests you. Be a clown. Be a writer. Be a real estate investor. Invest your money in something other than stocks and bonds. Be a filmmaker.

Happiness is knowing you feel a calling and doing it. credit:

Over time, if you focus on doing these (sometimes) hard, yet significant daily acts of giving yourself to what makes you happier, you will live with more joy, improve your craft, and lose yourself in moments of joy more often (M&M said this pretty well).

2. Build a strong network of local friends, family, mentors, and socializing.

The world doesn’t wait for you to get off your ass and make new friends. If you are changing, it might be time to venture out and make new friends as well. If your friends are stuck in their fixed mindset of complaining, blaming, or making excuses, you’ll tend to be like the five people you are the most. credit:

3. Do you value society’s voice more than your own?

There has to be something altruistic, or selfless, or internally meaningful in working towards a happier state — because 10 to 20 years from now, you will be the 40–60 something higher up on the food chain that lives in their office and shares no joy in the work.

Look forward to what you want to become, and for fuck’s sake, forget going to college and going into debt for a career you may not want anyways!

Granted, doing drugs makes people happier at the moment they do them (right?), but that happiness comes from the outside in, from the chemicals and compounds that release certain feelings you enjoy. Yet, genuine happiness sprouts from the inside and grows into your daily life, releasing the same chemicals in a natural, sustainable way. No weed brownies. No alcohol. No moly on Spring Break. No vaping.

4. Understand wisdom of the ages
True happiness seekers must understand the difference between external and internal variables that produce serotonin, or dopamine, or oxytocin in the brain.

A good analogy for happiness is like eating more fruits, vegetables, and raw food. If you eat just one piece of broccoli, it won’t make you feel healthier or happier. It takes consistency in eating three meals a day of raw, all-natural foods from the Earth (for weeks upon weeks) to change your appearance, increase your antioxidant levels, energy, and improve body composition.

So, if we know happiness isn’t a one-time destination or piece of broccoli — let’s move forward to what most Americans do that wreaks havoc on their own levels of joy.

5. Listen to Mark Manson: you may have shitty values.

You live with bullshit values and consume these values daily.
You buy things that are useless or bring no real value to your lives, yet make you happy momentarily (you know those new designer shoes don’t bring eternal bliss).
You keep pulling the proverbial slot machine for your monkey brain (hint, hint — iPhone notifications) or doing drugs to escape your reality.
You can’t attach yourself to a title, a job, or your online status to get happier.
You think fame and money make people happier; wrong, it makes them more of what they already are.
You think happiness is a popularity contest, or the number of zeroes in your bank account. by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

6. Happiness grows in you through hard work, and it transcends you through moment-to-moment self-awareness.

Eventually, joy and happiness become a state of being — and it works much like a solar panel produces energy for a battery. If the sun goes away, the battery keeps producing power for a while, but the cells can only recharge if they can capture sunlight again. A life without meaning, curiosity, or sunlight drains your batteries. You can’t charge your batteries without doing meaningful shit for yourself.

7. Have more sex

Why can’t we have more sex? We are distracted by technology. We look at our phones or computer screens for four hours a day (eh hem, I throw myself under the bus here). We can’t focus and listen to our internal voice of meaning.

Make your focus on finding meaningful moments today. And then do that again tomorrow.

Rinse, repeat.

8. Figure out what gives you meaning (and dopamine)

Don’t know what brings your life meaning, positivity, or purpose?

Well, I do this when I’m not sure what brings me meaning. I start doing something and hope for the best. This is uncomfortable for me, but being uncomfortable and figuring out where your meaning is hiding is the hardest part of starting the journey towards joy. Whether it’s living abroad, starting a company, getting in shape, doing what you fear, falling in love, staying in love, raising a child, or a pet, thriving in your workplace — is only a small whisper away.

This whisper is inside you — it’s a small curiosity, a natural strength, or an obsession waiting to be your personal jet fuel.

You are the architect of your meaning — only you. I mean, yeah, I’ll weigh in if you like, but I can’t make the decisions for you. Your parents can’t make that decision, nor your friends.

This is your responsibility now, so grow the fuck up.

And remember, a meaningful life isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing. It’s not about the expensive college, taking the nine to five job, or following the path of your friends, or investing with the herd (do you see how many people say “be authentic” yet are wearing the latest fashion, trying to get followers on Instagram, or are getting the latest gadget, car, or clothes?)

The irony of the word “authenticity” is ridiculous today.

Ultimately, to live a meaningful life, you must begin doing the work that fascinates you. Finding happiness is bullshit if you don’t fight your ego, your conditioning, and begin a practice of self-awareness (like who do I want to closer to becoming today?)

See these daily moments as a chance to share, create, or work with the people, jobs, teams, and moments that bring you more joy.

9. Workout, eat well and take care of your body (which then, in turn, assists your happiness levels)

It’s pretty much common knowledge that working out helps more than most medications to help stave off anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. Join a gym. A fitness community, like today.

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