Millionaire Success Habits: 11 Ways to Be Wealthy, Not Rich

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11 Millionaire Success Habits You Can't Afford to Not Have

My life and millionaire success habits and hacks I took from the pro athlete world to the pro startup life to do my own thing by Spikeball on Unsplash

The 11 Millionaire Success Habits You Can't Afford to Not Have.

The American world tries to tell us who you will most likely become depending on your zip code.

There is no happiness in becoming a millionaire, but there is happiness in understanding the process of learning how to become of great value to the world around you.

These are my 11 success tips to becoming of great value to the world around you, and if you become a millionaire — a happy millionaire — you’ll have enjoyed these creating these habits. by Jp Valery on Unsplash

1. Keep Producing Great Work

Successful habits for becoming a millionaire aren’t complicated. Spend less. Work at what you love more. Optimize and simplify your life and take away anything that sucks energy, time, or money out or away from your goals, bank accounts, or dreams.

Make a build or burn pile.

Burn the bad habits and stuff that stops you from reaching your goal.

Build and do more of the habits and stuff that help you improve or get closer to your goal.

Regardless of skin color, education, or ideologies, the first thing successful, happy, and motivated people do is get rid of radical inconsistencies in their thinking and behaviors that hold them back from their goals, millionaire habits, and ultimate desires.

Anyone can do this, but few understand how hard it is.

Once you know why your goal matters, boredom won’t stop you from being consistent in doing the hard work required to reach that goal. Consistency is magic and works by compounding your personal, fitness, or financial returns over time.

Once you know the WHY behind your vision, your business mission, or relationships goals, and WHY it matters — nothing will stop you from putting in the work.

2. Remove Boredom

Boredom stops a lot of people from reaching their New Year’s resolutions, goals, and visions of life. Boredom is really an insult to oneself. We should not be bored if we can find a way to attach meaning to our goals, success habits, or hard-to-do list items.

Boredom, is a lack of self-awareness, of having an intrinsic motivation. A personal why.

This lack of curiosity, or passion, or feeling may result in undesired results, both financially and professionally. Granted, it’s my belief you should quit things you care nothing about or aren’t curious for — in relationships, in business, fitness, or startup life. If you feel no hunger to improve, or learn, or expect results, then quit.

But most people quit or stick with the things they shouldn’t.

3. Start Your Fire, Fan Your Fire by Brandi Ibrao on Unsplash

Burn the energy suckers and negative stuff that doesn’t help your daily habits in your fire.

Cultivate and fan a fire that matters to you. Write or draw out what that fire looks like, feels like, and acts like, and then keep adding wood to that fire.

What are you grateful for in your job or life today? Do you get paid? Do you get insurance? Do you have lunchtimes off? What makes you happy? Curious?

List everything you are currently grateful for and start fanning that by focusing on it.

This is how you become a person of value.

For example, you may say, “I want to be fit and feel great again like I did in college or high school.”

What process goal or habit would help you start consistently striving to reach that vision of yourself every day?

10 pushups a day?


Let’s start small and fan that flame!

4. Define Yourself

Write out a short paragraph about yourself. What qualities, strengths, and weaknesses do you have?

What qualities do you want more of? Less of?

Where do see yourself in ten years?

Next month?

I’m the type of person that doesn’t want society to tell me what I’ll become in life based on the zip code or skin color I have relative to the thing I wanted.

So, as a short white kid, I knew the chances would be tough to succeed at my dreams in a world dominated by inner-city athletes and basketball players that were typically faster, stronger, and considered better athletes due to the majority of them playing at the highest levels.

But that’s just it, I wasn’t into probabilities or believing cognitive biases and stereotypes to be true. I defined my life and my day by the hard work I was willing to do to reach my destination.

5. Do the Hard Things First by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

If you can constantly do the hard thing today, you will develop the identity and belief system of a self-made millionaire.

Millionaires develop themselves through hard choices and admire their connector to that process!

Can I answer this question about my life, startup, marriage, or children, “Am I the type of person that shows up and works hard for them?”

By doing hard things, you start to believe you are capable of “doing” anything you set your mind to.
This is the growth mindset at work, and the difference between greatness and mediocrity is the daily practice of the growth mindset.

This struggle is real.

The world aligns with those that seek help; that seek mastery; that seek understanding and meaning above all else.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

And every time you do hard things, you build self-respect into your identity.

This growth mindset is one of the most important aspects of constructing a better life and the success habits of a millionaire.

6. Cellular Energy is Important

You can’t put unleaded fuel in a Ferarri.

If you eat like crap, you’ll perform like crap — both cognitively and physically.

If you try to work around the clock, you won’t be cognitively performing at your best. You must have psychological energy working with cellular energy in tandem.

If you want your cells to perform, you must train and take care of them (fitness, nutrition, and sleep). If you want your psychological energy to perform, you must know your “why.”

Being tired makes us cowards to our dreams and becoming our best selves.

Get out of bed in one minute or less

Every day, with an alarm or without, as soon you get up, set a one-minute alarm to get your butt out of bed. If you find yourself lingering in bed, it’s because you haven’t practiced the art of doing the hard thing of not lingering i bed.


Go to bed earlier

Make a new bedtime habit. Chamomile and ginger tea. Electronics turned off. Read. Blue light glasses on. No more social. No more apps. No more anything.

Do the hardest thing in the world — disconnect from your monkey brain and monkey media world that tries to keep you in a FOMO state.

7. Start Habit Tracking

Being an employee can be easier than being an entrepreneur. Becoming a successful millionaire means you’ll have to manage your finances, process, and investing differently than your peers.

But in the startup and entrepreneurial world, you must always be aware of what your performance rate is, what your show-up rate is, and what your productivity rate is relative to your goal.

Rate yourself on how you performed today and if hit the benchmarks you set for yourself and what stopped you.

8. Practice Stoicism

Did I show up? Did I go hard? Was it a good day? Was it a bad day?

Did I staying focused and on task today?

What was the task I needed to get done?

Are you getting excited about the task or short-term goal? If not, why?

If so why?

Making a new habit or desire stick is a process. Nothing about success or mastery becoming a Stoic is automatic. If you want to master something, ask yourself “why?” you want it?

9. Make Your “Why” a Mantra

As a kid, I would say, “I can do anything I put my mind to.”

Every morning, I would wake up and repeat this mantra.

In seventh grade, I had drawn my vision from my subconscious. I had daily process goals tattooed in my mind. I embodied my “why” with how hard I went in the weight room, the court, the film room, the kitchen, and my practice sessions.

No one would outwork me.

No one would out-train me.

When I became the all-time leading scorer at Kent State University and was one game away from the Final Four, I always thought about the hundreds of thousands of shots I had practiced alone in a gym.

I would shut my eyes and remember why I succeed.

10. We Need Competition to Thrive

Who are you competing against?

Competition makes me better. It got me up early. It made me staff after and shoot late. And I know so many pro athletes like LeBron or Kobe or MJ don’t waste time on the small stuff.

Competition is knowing there are people out there trying to beat you. Be better than you. Competition is striving with or against others to improve the thing, skill, or art I wish to master. For example, I try to embody my fitness startup now and compete against the other fitness brands out there. CrossFit. Title Boxing. Soul Cycle. Orange Theory.

I want our fitness brand to influence and help millions of basketball-loving people get happy and healthy, and also become the fastest-growing hybrid fitness startup.

I also don’t want to live a typical nine-to-five lifestyle.

Progress happens quietly and is typically invisible to the human eye, yet one year from now, or six years from now, I’ll be in an entirely different place than I am today.

The irony is always how I will get out what I put in.

What are you putting into your success habits to become a millionaire?

11. Cold Tubs

My last simple success habit of the millionaire life is cold exposure. Wim Hof talks about this, but as a pro athlete, the cold tub was integral to my success. It was always a hard decision to be uncomfortable and get cold, and, yet by practicing cold exposure, I also trained my brain on how to overcome something it didn't naturally want to do.

Do the hard thing today.

These are just some of my personal life lessons learned from pro sports that I still apply to become a happy, motivated, and service-oriented entrepreneur, an inspired traveler, and a healthier human.

Go be great out there.


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