Travel to Costa Rica for Pura Vida Happiness

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Travel to Costa Rica for Pura Vida Happiness by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Travel to Costa Rica for Pura Vida Happiness

“Do you want to buy a place in Costa Rica?”

“I do, but how do we manage it?” I ask.

“I dunno,” she says. “I guess we talk to Bruce. He’d probably love working on something down there.”

“We should get some friends and go in on it, right? I mean, what are we waiting for?”

“Owning real estate is a lot of work Trevor. We don’t have to buy. We could rent and move around as well. Travel the country and stay in different spots. As long as we have internet, I can always work.”

“Yes. I just know it’s important to try and connect before it’s too late.”

“Too late for what?”

“I dunno.

 — Life.”

“I mean, can we travel out of America to create an ecosystem where teamwork, cooperation, and friendship happens naturally?”

“I would travel for it. It sounds like true happiness.”

I miss my best friend. I miss many of my best friends, but today, I find myself, as I get older, really missing certain friends that scattered about the world. I listen to their hearts and souls and conversations and I feel pangs of regret and loss and loneliness for them.

In the past, I’ve always traveled with them, but now I want something different. Something more. I want to combine the ingredients I know I need to be happy in life. by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Humans all struggle — some more than others — and I know the struggle is part of the human experience, but I don’t want to miss friends and travel anymore. It just seems like one of those things I can find a solution to.

Addition is a modern wonder.

Add wasabi to almonds and you have a million-dollar idea.

Add Buttermilk to the ranch and I’ll go to the ends of the Earth for it.

It’s a longing to be traveling with best friends. To be with them in new places. To laugh with them. To be in their presence. To feel their love. To know you are accepted.

This is what Americans miss in day-to-day life — or at least, this what I feel I miss.

I have certain friends that require very little (money, things, or luxury) in life, yet I find myself getting sucked back into the world of business, status, things, and hierarchy. I find the city of Chicago sucking the life out of me with its grind for greed, things, and money.

Still, I find myself constantly trying to participate and change our American culture with my new ideas, concepts, and values. I’m willing to exchange looking silly for what is true happiness: community, travel, friendship, authenticity, and belonging.

But mostly, I want to do something about missing that feeling my friends and travel give me.

And so, my idea is to travel to buy or rent a unique place off the beaten path I think my best friends would all want to meet in and reside in for weeks to months at a time.

Like in Field of Dreams — if you build it they will come sort of thing.

This place must be cheap.

Off the grid.




But it must contain a sacred space for communion with the people I cherish most.

Do you know what scares me the most?

Doing it.

Yet, I’m not afraid to solo travel into third-world countries to live on a jungle beach house and eat mangoes and avocados every day.

I’m not afraid to share romantic love and platonic love with the people I meet and cherish and want to build a community within America.

But adding those two ingredients together scares the crap out of me!

Yet, what’s the alternative?

It’s hard to find camaraderie in our society. In our American society, people lose touch with friendship, teamwork, and cooperation. These values aren’t celebrated — unless we’re talking NFL, NBA, or sports.

Then maybe.

But is this why 22 veterans commit suicide every day — because they come back to an American society that is lonely, isolating, and driven to create walls rather than friendship, teamwork, and communities. Vets don’t die from PTSD, they die from loneliness.

And that’s what I feel at times and reminds me of I what I want: to build an authentic team in the areas I’m educating, living, and choosing my path in…

In business.

In travel.

In life.

In wild, adventurous friendships.

In romantic love (and the required friendship that it takes to work).

I really want to buy a teak cabin near the Play Negra beach in Costa Rica and have all my friends meet there for extended stays.

A month.

Six months.

A week.


We make music. Food. Think about business. Do fitness. Get our minds and bodies prepared for the American society that pulls so much out of us. That stresses us and builds us into nine to fivers.

It’s the values of building the shared community that America needs.

It’s the feeling of certain values our country doesn’t celebrate that I travel for and long for with my friend, co-workers, and American society.

I mean, that’s great if you’ve found your tribe.

I’m happy for you if you go into your home with your walls and turn on your TV and forget the rest of single people. Maybe you’ve found romantic love and best friend, but most of the world hasn’t.

My view is the world is longing for authenticity — and can’t find it. In love. In business. In teams. In startups. In fitness.

This happens in early love. People fall madly in love or worse, just settle and try their best at making something worse. I’ve been there, I’ve fallen madly in love with no deep friendship. Luckily, I got out and wasn’t stuck a decade later with three kids and no happiness.

This is why I travel and how I travel — is to invest in a life that only requires authenticity.

Maybe it's that authenticity that scares us.

When you tell your partner you are leaving with your best male or female friends for Costa Rica, what happens to your relationship?

Does it die or thrive?

Does the dialogue begin or end?

This is why and how I travel — to break off the labels our society has deemed important. by Alexis Antonio on Unsplash

Arthur C Brooks wrote, “The deep friendship of companionate love should not be exclusive, however. In 2007, researchers at the University of Michigan found that married people aged 22 to 79 who said they had at least two close friends — meaning at least one besides their spouse — had higher levels of life satisfaction and self-esteem and lower levels of depression than spouses who did not have close friends outside their marriage. In other words, long-term companionate love might be necessary, but isn’t sufficient for happiness.”

Can we create authentic travel communities with our besties?

Can I combine real estate investments and travel and friendship into one place?

Is there somewhere in the world I would want to continually visit and meet with friends, even if I had a romantic lover and best friend in the future?

How do I share that intimate space within my friendships when I’m not near them or married to them? How do I connect to my friends if they are in romantic relationships in other parts of the world?

Happiness resides in authentic friendship — not in romantic passion.

This I know.

That romance and true love label really get people’s panties in a bunch in the beginning — but all thriving relationships, at their core, have friendship, laughter, humor, honesty, and communication as their foundation.

This is how I travel. Why I travel to see them.

Monogamy and romance and friendship roll into my travel life and that’s what I think my tribe should be — an extension of all these qualities and values and people that I truly love.

What would be better than a place for love, best friends, and tribe to commune with one another in the sun? In a place with no need for greed or status, or superficiality or keeping up with the Jones?

How do I grow this vision into reality?

In the pro sports world, you work at a skill and your body and your mind over and over and over. You do this daily. And you keep moving forward, win or lose, and you embrace that gray area of loss and failure and success. You can’t be afraid of it. You have to charge into it and take an ass beating from time to time.

Pro sports, startups, and travel have become an extension of my growth mindset. I think America has it wrong with its values — we don’t kick out presidents, people, CEOs, politicians, and humans that profit off the system with corruption, bad policies, and backroom deals.

Can I travel out of America to create my ecosystem where teamwork, cooperation, and friendship?

Is this how I travel for true happiness?

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