Dating Advice for Men: Tip #13909

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7 Pieces of Dating Advice for Men: Tip #13909

1. Take your shot. With the woman that makes you do a double-take. With the thing you feel most nervous to do. Quit the corporate job. Go travel the world. If you feel strongly about it, do it. We should listen to the “hell yeah” moments our gut tells us about.

2. Losing isn’t fun. But winning isn’t fun without knowing what losing feels like. You can’t try to take the big shot, or make a life change, or pick up and go because you are scared of losing. Winning takes constant small risks to put yourself out there day after day, and in the end, losing (or getting shot down) is what makes winning feel so damn good.

3. Don’t take losing personally. If you want to get to winning sooner, if you want to get to the hot woman you can’t believe you landed, remember losing is just one small moment in time. Move on quickly if you lose — like missing the shot in the big game, or the super smokin' hot girl that shoots you down, or falling short of a record or goal — get back on the horse as soon as you can. Go ask the next woman out. Go take the next shot. Keep swingin' for the fences. Get back to eating keto or the nutrition plan. Get back to the gym. Let go of losses, learn from them quickly, and you'll start winning sooner.

4. Play the game (in life, fitness, or business) that you truly enjoy playing. Be authentic for once. Don’t fake your life for the feeling of status or greed. Love the game you decide to play — in business, startups, dating, or life. You could sell all your things and live in Costa Rica for ten years on a beach right now if you wanted to--you're just scared to take the risk.

5. If you are willing to suffer to become something because you truly enjoy doing it, you are playing the infinite game. The infinite game is an internal feeling of joy, peace, accomplishment, and happiness. If you are truly wanting to be fit, or enlightened, or better, try to play and find the infinite games in your life. If you hate running on a treadmill but love playing or training for basketball, do the thing you love so hard and so much, it starts to hurt. Suffer for your infinite games and you will find accomplishment in ways you've never anticipated.

6. Invert your life for a moment. What would life be like if you died this year? If you lost your partner? If your startup was with 100 million instead of one million (why and how would it be worth more?) What would women do if you were in the best shape of your life and dressed like you cared? Sometimes going big, living like you are dying tomorrow means you have to fight through the feelings of wanting to always watch Netflix, eat Ranch Doritos, check your smartphone (addiction), and get off the Hedonistic treadmill you keep running on.

7. True success is knowing nothing in life is guaranteed and living like you truly care about doing it anyway. Whatever you do next, try to let go of external desire. Only focus on what you hear from the inside out. This life, this health, this love, this job, this six-pack, this breath, and this startup is about figuring out what you are truly meant to be and doing it like there is no tomorrow.

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