Why White Privilege Ruined America

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Yes, obviously it is, has, and will continue.

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Why White Privilege Ruined Our America.

Starting with our government, yes, let's start my opinion piece there.

Donald Trump is trying to break our American government for good and he is the epitome of white privilege.

As am I, just with a lot fewer zeroes in my bank account.

Maybe that’s a good thing, that Trump is breaking this up. I get why people voted for him--break the system. Break the thing that is broken. Break the corrupt politicians. But he isn't breaking the policies that create equality, or a better society, is he?

Maybe Trump is right.

But many of my European friends keep asking me on WhatsApp:

“You okay? America is the laughing stock over here you know,” they text. I can hear their scorn. Their laughs. The mockery.

“We can’t rest on our World War Two laurels anymore I suppose,” I say, giggling. “Our white privilege system is broken and I don’t know how to help fix it, and I'm white."

And the truth is I don’t know crap about politics — but these are my thoughts and feelings on what’s going on.

Trump is the microcosm of our current broken White American values.

The system has always held down Black families and minorities. America has allowed certain groups to be held down for way too long. To be murdered without cause. To be redlined. I mean, fifty years ago, a white woman basically got dragged out of the Boston Marathon.


Imagine, who made our government. Who made our policies?

Not Black people. Not minorities.

White privilege made our government and will continue to until it's broken, recreated, and made equal.

Trump is the epitome of White privilege and patriarchy and that scares me. Is he trying to break the system because he is losing or because he knows how bad it is?

I don't think Trump tried to change White school districts taking all the resources, money, and tech.

I think Trump tried to help minorities vote by taking away the USPS.

I don't think White leaders in America helped our tax revenue by allowing trillions in tax evasion from Amazon, Exxon, and other big businesses.

This is why, “Among Black families, 44% owned their own home as of the first quarter of this year compared to 73.7% of white families,” says the U.S. Census.

I don’t care to always throw myself into one of the biggest American embarrassments of our lifetime in the world — or how we continue to create third world politics, governance, and policy.

I’d rather get taxed at 60 percent then be the laughing stock of the world.

I don’t want to bash government officials, I’m sure there are good ones, that act selflessly for the citizens of our country. I’m sure there are incorruptible ones, that don’t suck on the teet of America. I’m sure most of them smart, have a brain and want to do something for their voters.

But after this election, after seeing Trump try to destroy the American process, maybe it’s time to think about what we Americans want to be this year.

Maybe it’s time to look at ourselves and challenge our old beliefs. Our role in racism. Our role in creating a divided society of haves and have nots.

Have you ever talked to a Black person about real estate, or education, or police, or generational wealth, and wonder, “Like why the fuck aren’t Black people killing or stealing or bashing White people more?”

“Homeownership is critical to the accumulation of wealth and a factor in the stark difference between the net worth of white families, which was $171,000 in 2016, versus Black families who had a net worth of $17,150 according to Brookings Institution.” — USA Today

Why do Americans want to hold confederate flags that represent slavery, inequality, and the non-pursuit of liberty, happiness, and freedom?

Should presidents want to unite citizens or divide them?

Do we want to aim for equality or continue to allow the top three percent to make more money?

Do we want to create American values of love, compassion, community, education, and health or continue to live in greed, superficiality, luxury, consumption, and violence?

What values and business practices do I use on a micro level that affect those of lower socio-economic classes around me?

How can I actually help a system that seems too big to be fixed?

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