Marc Marquez recalls 2015 fight with Rossi: 'After everything he did to me was I going to help him getting the title? No

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Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi continue to have a very peculiar relationship between the two, where the controversy and exchange of accusations has lasted for several years, even after the italian's farewell to the tracks. The Honda rider went further and in a documentary even stated that he had the intention of not «giving» the title to his opponent.

After talking about the origin, he believes, of the problems with the Italian icon in 2014, Marquez spoke in the documentary «All In» (third episode that premiered yesterday) about a set of situations that came together and culminated in 2015, the year of tension between the two and where the relationship effectively escalated.

Then and when Rossi was in contention for the world title with Jorge Lorenzo, the spaniard admitted that he could have «helped» his opponent and former idol but that... he chose not to:

- It all kept adding up, and then we met on the track. Could I have risked it on the last turn without knowing what would happen? Yes. But the thing is, this person had done all this to me just because I passed him. Was I going to help him win a title? No.

In 2015 Rossi could have, remember, reached the milestone of ten world titles, something that wouldn't happen until his retirement from the tracks at the end of 2021.

Marc Marquez recalls problems with Valentino Rossi: 'Maybe he was bothered that I beat his record at the Ranch'

Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez have, probably, the biggest «war» in MotoGP history and the spaniard addressed the subject and why, in his eyes, it might have all begin. For the Honda rider, the relationship between both stars began to get particularly complicated after Márquez beat Rossi's record in Tavullia.

In the documentary «Marc Marquez: All In», the Honda rider began by recalling one of the most complicated moment - due to injuries - and the fact he wasn't contacted by Rossi: 'I know exactly who's going to support me and who isn't, or who wishes the best for me and who doesn't. Luckily, there aren't many who wish me the worst, but I bet there's someone'.

And then, said what his thoughts on the italian were even before their issues began, confessing he saw the #46 as an idol: 'For me, Valentino Rossi is show. I always used to say it. I was a fan of Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi. He was more than a role model, because a role model is what you strive for. He was an idol to me'.

With special emphasis on the verb form, 'was', Marc Marquez began to speak about the invitation on part of the italian the year before things started to escalate: 'In 2014, after the race at Misano, I went to his Ranch. We were there for a day. We were competing over who could beat the record on his track. And starting from that day, I think something has changed'.

Then Marquez noticed that the way both riders interact became different: 'The relationship cooled off a bit. I don't know why. Maybe he was bothered that I beat his track record. I don't know... The word on the street is that it was one of the reasons, but... There're even angels flying around'.

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